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  1. I think they're gonna contact the applicants on early Jan. according to last years data.
  2. I applied for CMB but didn't get anything yet 😭I really wish you can get it!
  3. Hi, would you mind share what program you applied at Duke? Best Luck!
  4. Has anyone heard from Duke CMB or Harvard BBS? I saw someone got the invitation from Duke CMB yesterday on the results page.
  5. Did anyone with the international background heard from Harvard BBS about the interview? I don't know whether we international students will receive the email later than the domestic students. Please reply if you have any information, thanks!
  6. Thanks so much for this topic! I'm a international student now finishing my master's degree at Johns Hopkins. I applied the the Ph.D. Program at Harvard Medical School, Biology at MIT, MCP at Stanford School of Medicine, CMB at Duke School of Medicine, BMB at Johns Hopkins, NYU and USC. I haven't receive any interview invitations and I'm sooooo anxious.
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