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  1. Haha I am waiting too! I have a feeling that we will hear back either by the end of this week, or definitely next week! Crossing my fingers for us!
  2. I got an interview invite from them on Feb. 14! I actually thought that they ghost rejected me because it's been so long now, but their interview sessions will be on the week of March 1.
  3. I applied and head back from them on Dec. 23! Interviews are on the week of Feb. 15!
  4. I got an invite from CSHL back in Dec. 23, 2020! From their email, they notified me that they will be conducting interviews in 2-day formats in the week of Feb. 15, 2021. I have not gotten any follow-up emails yet regarding scheduling and whatnot, but they asked me to list several faculty whom I would be interested in speaking to! Stoked and looking forward to it!
  5. I got invited to CSHL! So about me, community college transfer with 3 AS degrees (3.83), then transferred to UC Berkeley (3.91). I had 2 years undergrad research, then did post-bacc research at UCSF. There, I was able to publish 3 papers (2 first-author and 1 second author) and 1 poster. Minority in the field and come from financially disadvantaged background, hence the community college route. Explained all this in my PS. My invite dates are Feb. 16-17 and according to the email, I had the option of selecting 5 PIs who I would be interested in interviewing with, further details will come in t
  6. When I checked GC, there was only one other person who posted that they got an interview invite from JHU as well. So I am more inclined to believe that it was a wave rather than a mass invite...
  7. Yes I have, I got an invite from them Thursday morning!
  8. I applied to Harvard, but under MCB, hopefully I will hear good news about it too lol.
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