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  1. Yeah I had one of these too. I was a bit confused and have no idea how it went tbh. still haven't heard back from that school
  2. Thanks for the update. I'm going a bit crazy too. I looked at the results page for last year's cycle and people received acceptances from UMass as late as march 5th. I wish you the best of luck getting off the waitlist!
  3. I interviewed on the 6th and still haven't heard back. I saw some results saying some people were accepted on the 10th (but nothing else since then) so I'm starting to get a bit nervous 😅 It's relieving to see you haven't heard either; maybe the committee is a bit backed up on reviewing materials. The last interview day is the 24th so hopefully we'll know soon
  4. Did anyone with an interview at UMass Chan Biomedical Sciences hear back yet after their interview?
  5. I saw on the results page that some people received acceptances to UMass Chan Biomedical Sciences. If you're one of those accepted, what day was your interview?
  6. I emailed the directors of both programs, and they both said they're still reviewing apps! BU PiBS said more invitations will be sent out "most likely sometime this week."
  7. Does anyone have info on BU PiBS or Tufts CMDB program? I'm still waiting on results
  8. I did the same thing. I reached out to the head of the program (Van Vactor) and he said all invites went out by last night.
  9. It was titled "Interview Invitation: Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences." It basically said that you're invited for an interview and gave you credentials to log in and schedule your interview date/time. I'm not directly out of college; I graduated in 2020 and have been working as a lab tech since
  10. I got an interview invitation from the UMass Chan Biomedical Sciences PhD program! Super excited!!
  11. Undergrad: Bioengineering 3.18 GPA 3 years research in Clinical Research Department on summer/winter breaks Research experience all 4 years, jumped around labs Industry internship Post grad: Lab tech at Bristol Myers Squibb in R&D department for last ~1.5 years working on cutting-edge cancer resistance concepts 2 abstracts, 2 co-author manuscripts in preparation, 1 first author manuscript in preparation, 1 presentation to an Oxford professor LORs from a previous professor, current lab director, and current depar
  12. Hey everyone! I applied to Harvard BBS, Weil Cornell BCMB, UPenn CAMB, Columbia Medical Center CMBS, Tufts CMDB, BU PiBS, and UMass Chan Biomedical sciences!
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