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  1. Let's being practical, I have barely seen people got out of the waitlist for a later interview or accept. Sorry it sounds harsh.
  2. Waitlisted by BU PiBS as well, wonder if they did this to all the applicants except for those who got interview invites...
  3. The tracks under WashU DBBS review applications separately... I know DBBS Immunology was done with sending interview invites.
  4. Hey! I talked to a PI who's on the committee. Unfortunately, all invitations have been sent out, which means no interview so far equals a silent rejection... Stay positive though, I believe you will get into a great program eventually! (These words are to myself as well!)
  5. CMM won't send invitations to international students until early Jan just fyi.
  6. I found we have quite a few overlaps. I applied to both as well and no news yet.
  7. Hang in there! It is competitive but you have a solid profile! Good luck!
  8. I know Harvard BBS will send out interview invitations on Dec 17th. Good luck!!!
  9. It really depends on programs, some like UNC BBSP, Vandy IGP, etc. do waves, but some program like Harvard BBS will send all interview invitations out at one time. Good luck!!
  10. My undergrad GPA is about the same and not to mention I am an international applicant! I think you'll have a pretty good chance as long as you drafted a strong PS with clear thoughts about your research experience, what you want, and what made you realize it is time to get a PhD at current stage!
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