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  1. Yes I am international with a MS degree in the US
  2. I know I do not have much of a chance to be admitted by Sinai but I still have high hopes on it😶
  3. All the interview invitations from Vandy's Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP) have been sent out😭
  4. Thanks for the information! I'm an international applicant with a MS in the US. 3 pubs and 2 are in preparation. Had a good talk with my POI who serves on the admission committee. Sooo sad I could not get an inview invite. I used to think there would be less applications this year but clearly I was wrong.
  5. Congratulations! Is the email from your POI or graduate coordinator? So anxious now.
  6. Is WashU starting to send their invites? I saw one post in the result page.
  7. I used to think today would be a big invite day. Maybe I was wrong. Let's see what will happen this afternoon.
  8. Don't wanna do anything except refreshing my mail page and this thread.
  9. I applied to Icahn Neuro last year and got rejected. Good luck with your application! What other neuro programs did you apply? I applied to Duke-Neuro, WashU-DBBS Neuro, Brandeis-Neuro, Max Planck Florida, Upenn-NGG and Vandy Neuro, hoping to get into one.
  10. I guess a lot of univeristies would send their interview invites this Friday or next Monday.
  11. Congratulations! Which track did you apply to the Vandy? When did you submit your applcation? Thanks!
  12. International applicant with a US degree here. Heard nothing from Brandeis yet.
  13. I'm an international student and I applied to around 20 programs. So anxious.
  14. I think that's only for international applicants.
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