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  1. Congratulations! Are you an international applicant? I am an international student who applied to the CM program at BU. I did not receive an invite/rejection yet! Do you have more information on the timeline?
  2. I am actually counting down for March (which is when I will know for sure!) Yes, that is true- Different departments have different timelines. They mention that on the BU website too! Thank you very much *fingers crossed*. NEED.TO.HEAR.BACK.SOON.
  3. Thank you Lmao, denial/staying optimistic is what we need to curb the uncertainty. I applied to the Cell & Molecular Biology (CM) department. Do you have any idea about interviews/acceptances/rejections for the same? I hope so too! All the best for your results. I will keep you posted!!
  4. The wait is the worst! I got rejected by 3/5 schools, and 2/5 (NYU and BU) have no sort of indication! I am trying to stay positive and believe that not hearing back=good. Which Biology department did you apply to at BU?
  5. I am sorry about that! Hope you have a positive outcome with your other applications!
  6. :(( I saw a few rejections for the Ph.D. Biology program at BU sent out on February 8th (yesterday). Maybe there's still hope for an interview invite considering we did not receive a rejection yet?? <---- Just as anxious as you.
  7. I am so sorry about that Hope you have a positive outcome for your other schools! I got rejected from most of my schools too. It looks like I have to succumb to doing a masters. :|||| Second year applying. 3.99 GPA/3 publications/Work at a Harvard lab/LoR's from Harvard PI's. This year is competitive and admissions is a crapshoot!!
  8. Thank you! Can this wait end already?? Are rejections on a rolling basis? I've seen a few here but haven't received one yet/heard back
  9. I haven't seen posts from the previous years either regarding the interview dates. Do you have any clarity on the timeline?
  10. I'm sorry about that All the best with your other applications. Hope you have a good outcome!
  11. Did you apply to NYU GSAS or Vilcek?
  12. Thank you! Please let me know when you hear from her.
  13. Thank you! I applied to the cell and molecular program. Based on that, the interview invites would be sent around January - February right?
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