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  1. You mean you turned down the offer from UMD last week and they still sent you offer last night?
  2. When will you decline this offer from UMD? Could you please do me a favor to refer me to the graduate office? All my other offers rejected me and this my final opportunity...
  3. Congrats! I still have not heard anything back. So, are you gonna take this offer?
  4. Hi did you hear anything new from UMD?
  5. Hi did you receive rejection letter from UMD?
  6. Hi, you applied to BU neurobiology right? Have you heard anything from them? I got the waiting list email end of Feb.
  7. Hi, did you get email telling you about the waitlist? I have not heard anything from them...
  8. what is the status of your online application portal? I heard that, if it’s under program review,that means the application is still under review. If it’s under graduate school review, that means the program is reviewed and in the process of funding
  9. I’m thinking maybe we were interviewed by the same person..... have you emailed the professor asking for update? Do you think there might be a possibility that offers for international students have not been sent out yet?
  10. Yes I applied to MOCB. But the professor said she was on behalf of the committee to interview me, and told me that I was on the top list, no more interview, and an early offer might be possible. I really consider this as an unofficial offer...... now I don’t know whether I misunderstood something or not
  11. During my interview with UMD on Jan 22nd, the PI, on behalf of the committee, told me that I was on their top list, no more interviews, and an early offer might be possible... I also emailed her two weeks ago for update and she replied me”I think the office has only sent domestic offers. I will follow up with them”. Actually I consider this as an unofficial offer... but now I become to think about the possibility of being waitlisted..omg how was your interview? Did the professor implied anything about unofficial offer?
  12. Recruitment event on Jan 25th
  13. I also applied for those two. No update at all
  14. Hi I got a waitlist email on Feb 26th. Did you hear anything from BU-bio?
  15. Hi I also applied for BU, but it’s the biology PhD program. Do you know anything about this program?
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