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  1. Honestly, I would not use global rankings as a reliable source when comparing between programs Each program has its pros and cons, and the most important part is to find a solid list (>5) PIs that you want to work with. Even if you landed in a arbitrarily "higher ranking" program, it does not guarantee that you will find more PIs that have similar interests as yours. Finally I believe USC is a wonderful program and it can definitely compare with most of the UCs.
  2. I hate to speculate but there is conflicting information between the interview days for this year (Some say Jan some say Mar). I'd expect the interviews to be in late Feb, so there is perhaps still chance!
  3. It does seem like that MIT is over.. But I guess there is still hope because there are two rounds of interviews invitation last year? Also waiting for the systems track
  4. Hey, I'll definitely share after the interview season Hope you guys will do well in your interviews!
  5. Received interviews from Princeton, Caltech, NYU, and Columbia (Biological Sciences). Neuro program, international applicant.
  6. So... there should be another round from MIT later this week right (For the other folks except the cognitive track)?
  7. Interestingly there is one individual interview from JHU earlier today, anyone has info on whether JHU finished sending interviews?
  8. I heard that Columbia (Neurobiology and Behavior) program has finished sending most of its interviews (from a phd student there)
  9. The NYU interview I got was sent by my POI, so I assume there might be some delays. But historically it seems like interviews are sent within a day? So I would assume every interview would be sent within today.
  10. Thanks for the clarification! Well RIP, Congrats on the interview tho @siguy
  11. I feel like PiN has already finished sending out interviews 😥 From what I saw it normally only takes a day... But interview being in first week of Jan (Saw somewhere here) make me wonder if there is a second round????
  12. Also neuroscience too! Happy to connect
  13. Hey peeps! Prospective student applying to next cycle here. Does anyone know if Columbia's neuroscience program still requires GRE? Of all the programs I have looked into, Columbia is the most ambivalent on whether GRE is required in the program. Anyone applied last cycle could tell me if that is still required/ optional/ not required? Thanks a lot! (I tried emailing the program but not one replied)
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