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  1. There was a chunk of people that heard a couple weeks ago but nobody since. I haven't heard anything, therefore I assume I'm not getting invited to an interview. I'm starting to assume I'm not getting an interview from Stanford either, but haven't quite lost hope yet.
  2. Do people know generally whether/when schools send rejection emails? I was hoping to know for sure about which schools I was rejected from by the time I start interviews
  3. are you the same person who posted about the phone call? congrats btw!! that's awesome.
  4. oh i meant there was a number but it was unsaved in my contacts. wish i could go back and see area code!
  5. I got a call today from an unknown number but my phone died while it was ringing 💀 no idea if it was Stanford or spam lol and i can't see the number anymore
  6. JHU Psych and Brain Sciences committee is meeting today to decide interviews!
  7. Wow. That does not bode well lol. What does "NHW" mean in your bio mean, btw?
  8. UT Austin is confusing me. Apparently someone received a rejection email (and they had insane stats). And a few have reported interviews. Haven't heard anything myself...
  9. looks like a second person posted an interview invite, but from Dec. 7th which is hard to believe
  10. oh hey that was me. they called me but i didn't answer cuz i thought it was spam lmao and my voicemail greeting is super non-professional oops. but then they went me an email lol.
  11. But if 10 PIs want students and there's only 5 spots...
  12. That's what I'm thinking about doing. Many post-bacc programs are only one year to do all the med school prereqs!
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