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  1. Yeah Harvard seems to have sent out invites. Don't know if it includes intl students but historically BBS does send both at the same time. I didn't get an invite. Brb crying.
  2. OMG wow congrats! No news on this end. Unsurprising but I'm still heartbroken. I was really, really, really excited about this one.
  3. I saw it too and my heart dropped. I think it might be worthwhile to wait a bit though, since its just one poster. Plenty of trolls around these parts.
  4. Any idea when offices will close for the holidays?
  5. Same here, my lack of any hobbies that can distract me has really caught up to me to kick my ass.
  6. Hi all, I am from South Asia with some research experience in the UK. I applied to Harvard BBS, UPenn BMB and Vanderbilt Biological Sciences. All are lofty reaches but if you never try you never know I guess. Hoping this week has good news in store for all of us so we can relax over Christmas!
  7. I don't think anyone has heard from BBS. The post on the results page seem to be for some other program. From the dates on the page from the last few years it seems like Harvard sends domestic and international invitations around the same time.
  8. Yeah I think you might be right. I also wondered about the immunology part but then one poster just straight up said BBS, which is why I figured I would ask on the forum because if invites had gone out surely someone here would have heard from them. Looks like no one has so maybe it was a different program after all. Unclench.
  9. You can try this link - https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/ Alternatively, if you scroll to the top of this page on desktop, you'll see a results tab under the logo!
  10. I don't but I saw a couple posts on the results page...
  11. Has anyone here heard from Harvard BBS today?
  12. I always think that when its me its going to be the worst case scenario but when others are in the same boat I have literally no doubt its going to work out great for them, how could it not? 😅 You'll hear back soon, I am sure of it! Good news is coming!
  13. I haven't heard back from any program. Trying to be hopeful but low key terrified.
  14. Ooh exciting! Congrats on your interviews for Penn you both! I haven't heard anything yet, I applied to the BMB track. If anyone from the same track has heard please let me know!
  15. Fret not, last minute panic is the cure to all meandering distractions, haha. Def prepare for interviews, I'm sure there is a barrage of invitations just around the corner Thats really cool, its a very hot and spicy field too! I think your enthusiasm definitely comes through, and its a very important factor to be able to see a PhD through. I am sure your top choices will be able to see it! 3 in the US, but 10 in total. Only five submitted so far but kinda like you I am busy daydreaming about skipping down the places I have applied to instead of focusing on my upcoming a
  16. I feel so seen 😭 I keep thinking about it all day too and I am also hoping my enthusiasm comes across! I am hopeful it will, for both you and I Haha username checks out. Did you hear this from the AdCom? Seems feasible, since last time interview invites were sent around the 20th, but quite a few places are being delayed because of the extra volume of applicants this year so let's see. It would be nice if its before Christmas break, I think I would go mad checking the portal otherwise, despite knowing full well that nothing will change till they reopen. I am interested in
  17. Ooh good to hear from someone waiting to hear back from the same places! I am fairly confident I don't have shot at any of these places but the heart wants what it shouldn't. 😅 Still, hopefully there is some good news around the corner for us. Good luck and please let us know if you hear back from these programs!
  18. Has anyone here applied to Harvard BBS, UPenn BMB or Vanderbilt Biological Sciences?
  19. I applied to BBS too, and on the portal they specifically ask for unprotected transcript pdfs, and say they will request official hard copies after admissions, so I am fairly confident you and I have done the right thing!
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