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  1. Congrats on the GEM Fellowship! Same here. I'm really happy about the school I will be attending, but it was so scary with all of that silence when I thought I wasn't going to get in anywhere this cycle. Let's make the best of it, though. We have a whole 5 (or 6) years of science to do and prove our excellence, and based on your profiles here, I'm sure we'll all do some great stuff! May all of our experiments go perfectly the first time, and all of our papers be accepted to Nature. 🤞
  2. @TITX I emailed the ones I am waiting on a few weeks back. Most gave no response here either, but the ones who did were direct match programs, and said to directly contact the PIs you are interested in working with rather than the department. What programs are you waiting on, if you don't mind me asking?
  3. Just received an email notifying me of my eligibility for an Associate Fellowship! Anyone else get any updates today?
  4. Congrats on WashU, though! I saw you had an interview with UVA, were you at the 3/1 weekend?
  5. Have UMD, Georgia Tech, and Duke (PhD) sent responses / invites to all of the people they plan to interview/accept? I haven't heard anything back yet from them yet, which I'm thinking is a reject at this point in the cycle. I know Duke sent out MS acceptances today. By the way, congrats to everyone for the excellent results so far in the cycle!
  6. I haven't! There were a few labs that looked like a good fit, thank you for the reccomendation!
  7. Undergrad Institution (approx. rank/reputation in STEM): University of California campus. Top 25 BioE/BME, good research reputation. Major(s): Biomedical Engineering Minor(s): Microfluidics && Social Sciences GPA in Major: 3.10/4.00 Overall GPA: 3.0/4.00 Demographics/Background: Black Male. Domestic Applicant. First generation. GRE Scores: Q: 160 (76%) V: 163(93%) W: 5.5 (98%) I think I'm going to retake. LOR: UG Research PI (Excellent relationship), UG Senior Design Project Professor (Good relationship). Last LOR writer is a professor I took a class with last
  8. Undergrad Institution: A University of California Major(s): Bioengineering / Biomedical Engineering Minor(s): Electrical Engineering and Political Science GPA in Major: 2.60 Overall GPA: 2.54 Length of Degree: 4 years Type of Student: Domestic, Black male. Degrees Applying for: MS in EE (where research interests align) or MS in BioE/BME GRE Scores: Not taken yet Research Experience: Undergraduate Researcher in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering Lab. I worked on two projects here, one of them analyzing ketamin
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