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  1. Hi all! I am considering applying for the NSF fellowship for the 2019-2020 year and was wondering if anyone had any data on the amount of awards given to those who attend R2s versus R1s? I know I shouldn't be paranoid about stuff like that which is out of my control, but I cannot help but think that some of the reviewers would pay attention to things like that, especially if they were on the fence about one person vs another
  2. I didn't hear back either, but still hoping for the best! Though I think if we haven't heard back by today we are most likely not chosen
  3. This is probably a longshot since this thread has not been updated since 2015, but does anyone know of any facebook groups or such of current graduate students at SIU? I am considering renting a house instead of an apartment and was looking for potential housemates.
  4. I think the differences you list are spot on! If I were to add just 2 things 1) counseling programs also have more multiculturalism/“social justice” courses embedded in their curriculum. depending on the program, you may only have one or two at most for clinical programs whereas counseling programs have multicultural focus engrained in the curriculum 2) like personallycentered said, the populations you practice with are typically different. In counseling programs you are likely doing practicum at college/university counseling centers, though there are opportunities to work with othe
  5. Congrats! I went there for undergrad so feel free to let me know if you have any questions
  6. So I have heard nothing from one of the programs I applied to and yesterday marked a month since the interview. Their website says that they make admissions offers early-mid March, but I haven’t heard anything in terms of being accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Could they just operate on an internal waitlist system similar to what you all were discussing above where they don’t tell candidates if they’ve been waitlisted? Should I politely email and inquire about my status? The POI did say he would be in touch after the interview and I know he is going to make his decision regardless
  7. In case any of y’all were curious: I emailed the graduate programs coordinator at VCU and she said so far to her knowledge only SM has extended an offer and that the other faculty have not told her about extending any offers yet. Good luck to everyone, hopefully we hear soon!!
  8. Thank you for your words, it helps a lot!! I think I’m just overthinking this situation too much and I should just be patient and see how it is and let myself be open to new experiences like everyone said
  9. Thank you for your reassurance!! Yeah I think you’re right, I mean adjustment is difficult for everyone in their own ways and I’m sure the current students there probably went through similar things so perhaps asking them will help I just don’t know much about the city which I guess is causing me anxiety but that will hopefully be alleviated by the visit
  10. this is exactly my dilemma! i am visiting later on in the month to get a better vibe of the city bc i did my interview online. i don't really have a preference bc i have spent time in both big and small cities, but i am worried about building community outside the program without much to do outside school
  11. how much is area playing a factor in y'all's decisions? would y'all go to a quieter town that is farther away from bigger metropolitan cities if you really liked the program?
  12. yes the students told me the same thing!! all my poi said was "i like to keep ppl in the know about their status" but didnt say anything beyond that. it is also one of my top choices so i wish the best for the both of us!!
  13. anyone hear anything from VCU after the interview?? i got conflicting messages from the current students/my poi about when I would hear back
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