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  1. I am so confused with the weight the GRE holds! I have good verbal and AW scores but like many my quant is poor (41st percentile). I don't want to retake it but I've heard people say some schools don't give a minimum score and they take a holistic approach to the application? Any advice? The stress of this GRE is killing me 😅
  2. OK to settle this I found the FAQ on the CPO website and it lists a psychologist as someone with a PhD, EdD, PsyD or DPsy problem solved LOL
  3. So with a counselling psych PhD you could apply to specialize in clinical? I think I am more confused than before lol
  4. What would nonaccredited be? PSYD, Edd’s? Can those apply?
  5. The Ontario college says all psychologists (counselling, clinical, school etc) must be able to communicate a diagnosis so I assume there is minimal difference in the end it really just depends on the setting you work in but I believe clinical psychologists do the diagnosis and counselling psychologists can diagnose in order to formulate a treatment/counselling intervention. Could be wrong but that’s how I understand
  6. Has anyone heard of an MA, MEd or MSc in counselling psych be accepted to a PhD in clinical psych?
  7. How about EdDs in counselling psych? I have heard of a few clinical psychologists who had that degree and were able to get licensed providing they fulfilled their governing college's requirements.
  8. Interesting! I believe I was slightly mislead then as I was told that an M. Ed doesn’t qualify for a psych PhD . Thanks so much!!
  9. Anyone know the difference between an M.Ed vs an MSc in counselling psych? Also can you get a PhD in clinical psych with either?
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