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  1. Wrong thread I’m afraid. You might wanna check clinical psych forums for this info. ETA: Whoops, didn’t see that @fordlandia already answered above!
  2. I’ve also applied to the MA and only gotten radio silence, so we’re somewhat in the same boat.
  3. Kind of moving between two eras here - broadly a Southern historian, more specifically Civil War/Antebellum period , but I also have some interest in the late 19th/early 20th century as it pertains to Confederate memorialization.
  4. Thanks! I got my email this morning (as I was driving actually, almost rear-ended someone lol). What’s your subfield?
  5. Hey y’all! Long time lurker, (kinda) first-time poster. First of all, congratulations to everyone on their admissions, and good luck to people still waiting on good news from their programs. Secondly, I was wondering if anyone had applied and heard back from/ had any insight as to when UGA would release decisions about their MA program? Mostly asking bc the reported decisions in the past few years were received around the 7th-10th, and I am impatient and anxious.
  6. Just popping in to say that I’m serving with City Year Chicago rn, and also applying to grad school (just terminal MA programs for the moment)! Definitely feel the contingency plan bit, but once I started hearing back I kinda checked out lol. Good luck to you!
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