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So I've gotten into a couple masters programs in the UK, with the intention of then applying to US phd programs afterwards. I've been talking to undergrad advisers, faculty at these schools, and friends in doctoral programs, but thought it would be a good idea to see if anyone here has additional insights that would be useful in the decision making process. I'm interested in studying the role of race in American foreign policy ~1870-1930, especially as that relates to interaction with expanding European empires of the time, and I had relatively lackluster undergrad grades if that's relevant to how different masters programs would be viewed by admissions committees 

The schools are Birmingham, Exeter, Kings College London, and University College London. I know that the London schools are generally seen as more prestigious (I don't really care about this but have heard that it holds some weight with admissions committees), that UCL has a lot of faculty in imperial and foreign policy history, and that Birmingham has several Americanists specializing in race in the gilded age

I'd greatly appreciate any advice that anyone has about any of these schools or about moving from a UK masters to a US phd program in general!

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I was in a similar place as you are now, when I finished my undergrad two years ago. I had studied abroad at SOAS, University of London, and really enjoyed my time in the history department there (I focus on modern Iraqi history). However, I knew I wanted to ultimately do my PhD in the US. I decided to do my Master's at SOAS, focusing on honing in my project and working on language skills. I'll be starting a History PhD in the US this Fall (still deciding on where), but ultimately I've been really happy with my decision. It's been a great experience for me.

My program, however, was a two-year one; most UK Master's are one year. This means that you won't have a ton of time after starting your degree to really flesh out your project/PhD proposal, and you'd be starting the application process only shortly after beginning the MA. Just so you're aware! Happy to chat more if you have more questions/specific concerns.

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