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  1. Results are in but the site is not loading. I'm on vacation for my friend's bachelorette party so I at least have something to occupy my time while I wait for the page to become available 😓 Good luck yall!
  2. He turned it in at 4:48pm y'all! Cutting it close but still in there! I actually have really high hopes now. I have a strong application I think which is why I was so disappointed at the thought of not being considered. I hope everyone that has posted here is selected. Good luck to you all?
  3. I can't go visit as we're in two different states. I've emailed him daily since the first and he's had some family trouble which I sympathize with, but I asked about this letter in October :( I just feel really let down. I emailed again this morning and he said he would have it in before the deadline, but it's 2:53 and I don't know...That's disheartening. But there's always next year
  4. I applied. I'm still missing one letter from one of my recommenders and I feel helpless. Good luck to you all
  5. This got awkward. Anyone know anything/excited about Maryland? Should be hearing from them this week right?
  6. No offense Brooke, I know it can be hard sometimes, but don't you have two offers? If it makes you feel better at all I'm an academic and nobody picked my up at all. Straight rejection. Being down on yourself won't make your situation any better. Maybe try to get a job with the Department of Public Safety at a school you could possibly go to and take classes on remitted tuition until the professors know you and you can apply again. I'm gonna have to be smart about going to school since they don't think I would make the cut/aren't willing to pay for me. If you want to feel sad for yourself and work at Walmart you definitely can, but it's a little hurtful to pretend that everyone with an academic focused application is just getting into all the schools. We're not.
  7. In sure you all did a lot better than you think you did. Have faith/hope! I didn't make this account with an anonymous type name so you all probably know exactly who I am but, everyone I met there was super smart and a real contender! You all definitely have a shot!
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