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  1. Yeah, I have a call set up with him tomorrow to go over some details. I haven't made my final decision but I am definitely leaning toward the program. Plus, being in Chicago is definitely a bonus.
  2. Has anyone else been extended an offer of admission to UIC's Criminology, Law, and Justice program? I'm hoping to put my feelers out ther and chat about the program with other potential students.
  3. Veronicat

    Portland, OR

    If you don't mind, who is your POI? Congrats on getting in!
  4. Yeah, I figured it was a long shot! The person I wanted to work with at DePaul wasn't taking students this year. Congrats on your interviews!
  5. Thanks for the update! I'm lucky enough to have an offer from another department at UIC so a rejection from the psych department is a-okay with me. Riddle me not surprised since the department doesn't have much of a focus on sexual violence/intimate partner violence prevention anymore. Congrats to anyone who has been extended offers!
  6. Still waiting to hear from UW, UIC (Psych), DePaul, and UC Santa Barbara. I know UCSB sent invites for interviews a while ago, but a formal rejection would still be nice. Has anyone heard from these schools?
  7. Here and waiting! I received an official rejection from Colorado State University but that has been it so far...
  8. Does anyone else feel like there is a gap in notifications for social/community psych programs in the results page? I'm hoping this is true and most schools notify folks toward the end of February...
  9. New member, lurker for about a year. I am just feeling so anxious and nervous because I feel like I haven't heard ANYTHING. I suppose that isn't completely true, but it feels mostly true... I received one email from UC Davis mentioning that I couldn't be invited for an interview...not exactly sure what that means but I'm considering it an unofficial 'no'. I've also been wait-listed for the OHSU-PSU Public Health program. Otherwise, I had one interview of sorts in early January from Portland State and that was it. I'm desperate to know! Anyone else feeling like the inevitable doom and disappointment is approaching? Applied- 12 programs Interviews- 1/12 Acceptances- 0/12 Rejections- 0/12
  10. I had the same thing happen to me from UCSC. I was definitely disappointed.
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