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  1. I recently declined by offer at Illinois State University for the I/O-Social master's program. I very much hope someone gets off the waitlist and has an amazing experience. School: Illinois State University Program: I/O-Social Master's program Reason: I really loved the program and all of the faculty in the department were very accommodating and kind. In the end, it just didn't fit well enough with my interests in that there was a strong focus on I/O, and I am more on the social psych side.
  2. Maybe I'm reading this wrong but I read that you already have received offers (been accepted) at both schools. If I were you, I would not send anything to school A. I think it's unnecessary; it's not like they're going to rescind your offer. Every school understands that theirs is not the only one you applied to. It just makes prudent sense to consider all options. I'd say maybe if it were closer to April 15th (decision date) but I don't think it's necessary now. Congrats for the two acceptances!
  3. I also applied to the U of MN program and have not heard a word.
  4. @fadedfigures I'm waiting to hear from DU as well. I got an email encouraging me to fill out the FAFSA from them but that's the only peep I've heard. Accepted: 0/6Interviews: 0/6Rejected: 0/6No contact: 6/6
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