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  1. PNIplz

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I used Magoosh and I actually found it incredibly interactive. Whenever I had to message them they replied within 24 hours addressing my concerns and more. Plus all 1000+ of they practice questions had video explanations and references to where the information was taught in their video libraries. It raised my score 12 points when I took it Fall 2016
  2. I applied at 21 years old and was accepted to my top choice (of where I got interviews) and am now a first-year graduate student in a fully-funded clinical psychology Ph.D program at 22. Totally possible. Follow your dreams.
  3. PNIplz

    Fall 2018 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    This was super helpful for me last year! Glad you started this thread for those going through the process this year. *bump*
  4. I emailed professors even if they said they were accepting students. Instead of saying "I'm emailing to ask if you are accepting students for Fall of ___", I wrote "I noticed you are accepting students for Fall of ____" and went on with whatever shpeel followed. I also usually attached my CV to these emails. (Sorry if any of this was already said, I didn't read all the responses in detail before responding)
  5. PNIplz

    How to "School" In Psychology (Study Tips)

    I'm pretty familiar with reading articles, but I haven't even come up with a system that was quick and useful for taking notes. Useful usually meant very long and quick usually meant not enough detail, so I'm trying to iron that all out.
  6. PNIplz

    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    I took mine in August, October, and November. Just know that there IS time if things don't work out in August!
  7. PNIplz

    PhD Fall 2018 Applicants

    I just finished the application cycle and every single program I applied to indicated that GRE scores had to be in by the December 1st deadline and that they wouldn't look at your application until everything is in. I also got the sense that of the 14 I applied to, only 13 seemed to have their mind made up before the deadline. Most schools don't even meet to talk about applications until mid-December. I took the GRE 3 times and the last one I took was November 14th. There was time for the score to show-up online and send to schools before the deadline. I wouldn't take it any later than that. Reminder, even though the score is reported to you the day you take the exam, it takes 10-15 days for it to be reported online with your writing score and THEN you can send it to all of your schools, which they claim takes 3-5 business days (not including the 4 schools you may have sent to during your exam).
  8. I'm starting at a new school in the Fall for a Ph.D in Clinical Psych and, for some reason, I can't find much online about how psychology students work in classes. For example, when professors assign 5+ papers to read per class/week, how do you best take notes on this? I know there is an entire system for cases in law school and I have to assume someone has a similar system for psych. What do you find are the most important things to take from a paper when you're learning it for a class/what is your system? I realize that, especially in psych, research is more of a focus than classes but it's still going to be a huge time consumer. Also, do you take notes on paper or computer? Just curious on how people on here do things!
  9. PNIplz

    Clinical Psychology hopeful...

    I got into my program with average GRE scores, no publications, 1 international conference (and I wasn't even 1st author). But there was a lot of experience that, now, after applying, is turning into hella papers and publications. Shows that fit is EXTREMELY important and that if those things are in the works, you also might be okay.
  10. Anyone headed to Lexington this fall? I haven't really seen anyone from my area of interest... Anyways, hi!
  11. PNIplz

    Lexington, KY

    Anyone have any suggestions for apartment complexes near campus that aren't filled with undergrads? Hoping for within 1 mile from campus!
  12. PNIplz

    Fall 2017 Waitlist Thread

    Thank you both! Still shaking and in complete shock but so incredibly thrilled!
  13. PNIplz

    Fall 2017 Waitlist Thread

    Accepted off the waitlist at the University of Kentucky! Don't give up hope, everyone! There is still time!
  14. PNIplz

    Fall 2017 Waitlist Thread

    Sorry you were rejected from waitlist...but UC Irvine is a GREAT school!! Congrats!!
  15. PNIplz

    Fall 2017 Acceptance Thread

    Extended to someone else, but I have the feeling that this POI may want both and could only extend to 1 to start with. The person they offered to is a rockstar and was at interviews with me and had more publications so I totally respect the decision to offer to them first if it is that case. But yeah. Can only stay hopeful now!

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