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  1. I saw someone say on another thread that choosing NSF makes more sense if you're interested in academia because you'll have a relationship with NSF which may be important/favorable when grant writing in the future.
  2. ...that doesn't make sense
  3. Environmental Engineering - Honorable Mention VG/E, E/E, VG/VG Undergrad applicant so I'll be trying again, but I'm so confused. Lol the reviews don't really help me understand what I lacked.
  4. Honorable mention...Not getting it is painful, but i'm not alone and my work is still meaningful. *Takes deep breaths Congratulations to the awardees. Celebrate like there's no tomorrow!!!!
  5. Does anyone know if the GEM funding from the sponsor can be used for the second year instead of the first?
  6. And there goes my anxiety spiking again...How is it possible that I feel excited and sick at the same time???
  7. I was doing pretty okay, but stalking this thread recently is increasing my own anxiety. 😂
  8. Not sure if this is helpful but... I did my undergrad at Georgia Tech. Alot of faculty of have industry connections since it's in Atlanta. Personally, I enjoyed the environment. I will say it can be a very intense and competitive place if you don't build a support team. As far as NC State, when I visited I liked what I saw. There appeared to be alot of camaraderie of the faculty and a culture of being eager to support and mentor students towards whatever goals they have. Most of who I spoke to were on the environmental side of things, though.
  9. As someone who did not receive the fellowship and knows someone who did, I recognize that the people who received the fellowship are very much deserving. I think believing that they aren't is going to encourage you to go off. Maybe first reconcile that those who received it are deserving. You can also do this while believing you are equally deserving because I put a good amount of work into my own application. What helps me is that I truly believe the things that are meant for me will be mine. If I was looked over then there is a reason for that. Did the reviewers not give any tips on strengthening your application? I also got good reviews, but they talked about my strengths so I payed attention to what wasn't mentioned as an area of growth for when I apply next year.
  10. why does knowing I made it to the last round just hurt more? 😂
  11. So were there more than 5 reviewers? Or would 5 mean you made it to the last round before final decisions?
  12. Alternate as well. Congrats to the awardees!
  13. I was notified of my admission on January 29th. I didn't hear anything about funding though.
  14. @EricWang98 Funny timing, I just got an official email about it this evening. Are y'all just shelling money out of pocket for this or receiving some support? My POI told me support may be available but that was a couple of weeks ago...
  15. People attending the Berkeley Open House: Were you all sent a direct invitation to the open house?
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