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  1. I applied to PoCo with a focus on memory studies. Applied to Columbia, CUNY, UMich, and UC Boulder. One rejection from CUNY so far. How are you getting on?
  2. Yes, I already applied to Columbia (but I really don't think I have much chance of acceptance). I would be very open to Europe especially with Stef Craps and others who are there, but I just moved from England to Michigan 2.5 years ago... if I could find my American husband a job and make visas easier, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Thanks for your input!
  3. Hi all, I'm beginning to focus on next year's applications already and I am wondering if anyone here has applied/is applying for a PhD in Lit with a focus on memory studies. My research focuses on postmemory, and I identified a few schools this year, but I am wondering if I am missing anything here. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks and happy Sunday! xox
  4. Thank you!! I guess I'm just trying to improve my application in any way possible. It's hard to know what a successful application takes at this point!
  5. I should clarify - I'll be applying to Lit programs! My math skills are abysmal, but I'm led to believe that shouldn't affect me too much. Previous scores were 165/145/5.0, so I'm looking to improve the first and last a little.
  6. Hi GCers, I know 2017 isn't over yet, but I think I know that I'm not getting accepted into programs this year (1r/0w/0a/3TBC). My GRE expires this year and so I need to take it again. Please tell me your best and favorite study resources and guides so I can kick this thing's ass (I'll be studying with a full time job, a broken foot, and a small baby, so I need all the extra help I can get). Thanks folks!
  7. Hoping I'm not duplicating another post, but are there any other Columbia applicants to English here? I saw a couple of interview requests posted on the results board, but I was under the impression that Columbia didn't do interviews. It also seems really early. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  8. I believe I'm on the same wait list. I appreciate they are trying to be fair and help everyone out, but it also makes things kind of difficult not having anyone get the full package. I dunno, what are you thoughts, skybythelight?
  9. Just received a similar email. The first paragraph, where they told me there were "exceedingly impressed" with my application and excited about working with me, was a total tease. Made me think there was some chance I was actually getting funded, for a second. BUT, for me, no funding = no degree, being international. Sigh, sigh, and double sigh.
  10. Yep. Recieved an email saying it takes time to evaluate all files thoroughly and most applicants can expect to hear in march. Not very informative!
  11. Make that three of us. I just can't understand what kind of process my schools are using!
  12. I have, but thanks for the suggestion. And everyone else too! Lots of food for thought
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