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  1. 2018 Acceptances

    holy shit yess!!
  2. 2018 Acceptances

    I assume that will be me as I've heard nothing
  3. TA-ing at a Writing Center

    Thank, this is all very helpful! I'll be thinking a lot about whether I want to pursue teaching and thus prioritize it at a school.
  4. I think end of this week is what people have been saying
  5. TA-ing at a Writing Center

    I'm looking at a program that starts teaching in third year with ta-ing and "shadowing" then in fourth year people teach courses they've designed. I'm wondering about how this amount of teaching will be perceived on a CV. I'm also not committed to teaching so I'm not sure if I should weigh that factor too much.
  6. Yes I'll be glad about that but right now I'm really feeling the sting
  7. i love how its from feb 20 and its feb 19, at least where i am. is this acceptance coming from the future? is yale that powerful??
  8. and with that yale acceptance on the board i can only assume i will be eating a giant piece of cake tonight.
  9. 2018 venting thread

    Laughing so hard. I like babies and dogs. I'll take them for you!
  10. Post-Acceptance, Pre-Visit

    oh hun my notebook is going to be on me AT ALL TIMES.
  11. I was at a conference this weekend and talked with some phd kids at a few schools about what advice they had. The first thing they all said was FUNDING. Go where the money is, they said. Inquire if the stipends increase as you get further along the program/with inflation. One person said they wish they had other people in their field in their cohort—something which I found super valuable for my masters. The other thing was faculty engagement, for which they said to ask current students about. This is all very repetitive, but hearing these from current students from various schools hammers in what we need to be thinking about! Personally, I'm thinking a lot about money, as one place is offering me a substantial amount more. It's throwing me off!
  12. I got an email @punctilious I'm not sure if wait lists have gone out? I doubt there are more acceptances
  13. 2018 Acceptances

    Congrats!!! Why the confusion?