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  1. I know that U of Mississippi and Tennessee and NC State don't fund all MA students either. I was just listing programs which I know offer funded MA lit programs. I know that these programs offer funding to at least some of their MA students because I was accepted with funding to many of the programs on that list.
  2. Does Penn State still offer a terminal funded MA? Of course I can just go check for myself, but I feel like when I was looking for my program, I had read that they only admit students to their MA who plan to stay for their PhD program. I guess that means that you technically could do an MA and leave, but the feeling I got from what they indicated in their admissions info was that you are essentially going to their MA program as a feeder into their PhD, and if you don't want to do a PhD there, they don't want you for the MA.
  3. U of Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisville, South Carolina, and North Carolina State all offer funded MA programs if you are currently located in or interested in moving to the southeast. Off the top of my head, the funding at those programs includes tuition remission (to varying degrees), health insurance, and stipends that look something like this: Alabama: $14k/yr (Alabama also has a really nice fellowship available to MA students called the Graduate Council Fellowship which is service free for one year and carries a stipend award of $19k. They really like queer south s
  4. Could you provide a bit more info about content writing and how to find those kinds of gigs? Feel free to PM if you would prefer, but I would certainly appreciate some more discussion about this. I currently have applications out being considered for writing gigs with NYT and a gaming blog called Goomba Stomp, but I don't expect much from those, and I also don't know if they are quite the same thing as what you're suggesting.
  5. Accepted to rhet/comp MA at NC State with teaching assistantship. This was one of top two choices for so many factors, but I am disappointed in the stipend amount they offer for MA, which is only $10,000. It's going to be a hard decision. NC State is the best match for my interests, has the most active faculty in my area, offers great support for the TA process, and Research Triangle is a great place for my SO to find work in her field. But the stipend is the lowest on my list. Any suggestions?
  6. Yes, I got the same email. I think the graduate school reviews it first then decides whether or not to pass it to the English department. When they say it has been "referred," I think that means that the graduate school passed it on to the department. It took about a week after I got the "referred" email to get an acceptance letter from the DGS.
  7. There's something weird about the two big public schools in Kentucky. I've heard that they have a law that states that their departments aren't allowed to compete for applicants, but I can't find any sources to back that up. If you look at UK, they only seem to offer graduate programs in literature. Likewise, Louisville only offers a PhD in Rhet/Comp, not Lit. as far as I can tell. Kentucky also does not have many dedicated Rhet/Comp faculty. They just started the Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Studies department, but it is not open to graduate students. You can work with those faculty, b
  8. That deadline's actually only for their MA in English. Still a Feb. 1 date if you're interested in terminal MA.
  9. Yes, only to MA. I forgot to put that in my OP, but I just I added it.
  10. I think NC State's deadline is Feb 1. https://english.chass.ncsu.edu/graduate/ma/admission_info.php Their admissions page says "February 1 to be considered for teaching assistantships; June 15 for admission only."
  11. I applied only to MA programs, and only one of my applications is for rhet/comp, the rest lit. I wanted to apply to both Louisville and NC State for rhet/comp, but I ran out of application money and picked NC State out of the two. I haven't heard from them yet and likely won't for a while as I believe their app deadline is actually really late at Feb. 1 Broadly, I am interested in identity development through online writing on niche forums like political forums, gaming forums, and grad school forums like this one. More specifically, I want to work with the intersection of political, racia
  12. Would you mind giving me your general feelings about the program, school, and town? PM if you don't mind.
  13. There's a rejection reported from University of Tennessee for PhD, but I haven't heard from them for my MA application. Is it common to send rejections before acceptances? Or to address PhD first, then fill in open spots with MA offers?
  14. Accepted to Literature MA at Alabama (not Strode) with assistantship and Loomis scholarship.
  15. I'm looking at MA programs at: *Alabama: *Kentucky: Mississippi: Mid March *North Carolina State: Tennessee: Early Feb. *Any information on the empty ones? I'll do my own search and report what I find for anyone else looking at these schools, but I would also appreciate any info that anyone else has.
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