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    Applying to University of Houston and Texas State University Fall 2018 - for Advanced Standing MSW program!
    Accepted at UH :)
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  1. Garcia_2020

    MFT / MSW / Counseling - Applicants for Fall 2018

    I applied to University of Houston and Texas State University for their Advanced Standing MSW Program!
  2. Garcia_2020

    TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018

    Yay so awesome! I saw threads for those applying else where and definitely wanted to see if there are any Texas applicants on here! I'm not applying to many MSW programs lol. Im aiming for UH, but I don't mind TXST, currently getting my BSW/ BA in psych there. Good luck with all those applications! After MSW and a few years of working, I'm considering going back for PhD in counseling psychology.
  3. Hi everyone, I am applying to Master of Social Work programs. I also want to be able to find some outside scholarships, in case I am not offered any scholarships. Where are you applying for outside scholarships? The only one I can really think of is the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Any advice and help is greatly appreciated!
  4. Garcia_2020

    MSW vs. Doctorate in psychology

    I am in a similar situation. I decided on going for an MSW, and becoming a LCSW to gain experience. However, I do want to pursue a PhD. I know that in the social work field they have the PhD in social work & DSW. I know for these programs, it is strongly recommended to apply once you have work experience. I am also considering a PhD in counseling psychology. I'm still not sure which route I want to go, so still trying to figure that one out! But I do plan on taking a break from school after MSW/ LCSW, so I'll have some time to figure out and narrow in on a program hopefully! I do plan on having my own practice and working with similar populations that you mention, especially with Latinos. I am also considering teaching at the university level for social work, but still not sure.
  5. Garcia_2020

    Jobs/Plans for social work students during summer?

    I'll be doing my BSW field practicum! Yay I'm still in the process of being placed, but looks like I'll be doing my internship somewhere in addictions or in a domestic violence center. I'm super excited & nervous at the same time. I'm also considering keeping my current job at an RTC working with youth with ASD, once a week for spare cash.
  6. Garcia_2020

    TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018

    Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs in Texas! ? I'm currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston. Anyone else?
  7. Hi everyone! Field/ Program: Master of Social Work Schools: University of Houston & Texas State University Status: Recently applied deadlines are March 1st & March 15th. Now I just wait to hear back Good Luck to everyone & congrats to everyone who's been accepted!!
  8. Garcia_2020

    MSW Advanced Standing Admission

    I honestly wouldn’t focus too much in that B. As long as your overall a strong applicant (GPA, Work/ volunteer experience. GRE scores, statement of Purpose etc)! You could also talk about your experience in your placement & touch on why you recived a B
  9. Garcia_2020

    MSW two degree GPA

    Hi! I’m in a similar situation. I graduated with a poor GPA, 2.5. So I decided to go back for a BSW (3.75 GPA)/ BA in Psychology (3.6 GPA), overall GPA 3.81. i would definitely highlight and emphasis in your personal statements how you’ve improved/matured in your studies. It’s very clear in your GPA. I’m not sure of my cumulative GPA, but I think it was around a 3.0 including my community college gpa. Most programs that I’ve looked at require a 3.0 in last 30 hrs. Some also require GRE, but others don’t see it as a big factor. I ended up applying to ones that did not require GRE. I think you’ll be able to get in with a great gpa, relevant work & volunteer experience!
  10. Garcia_2020

    With my credentials, what's my best option?

    I was in a similar situation about a very poor GPA. I ended getting a second degree in Social Work and I’m currently applying to MSW programs. I eventually plan on pursing a PhD I think it’s great you have gotten a more relevant job! It will look great on applications. If you are strongly considering PhD, I would agree about getting an MA in a relevant field. PhD programs are super competitive, especially clinical psychology. So it would be beneficial to gain more experience & get a better GPA in grad school! Good Luck!! Also, I’ve heard that getting a LOR from your personal therapist/ psychologist is not a good recommendation. They should be professors or supervisors from work. People who can comment on academics and work ethic.
  11. Garcia_2020

    TEXAS MSW Applicants FALL 2018

    Hey everyone! Looking for others applying for Master of Social Work programs! Im currently applying to MSW program for Fall 2018, Advanced Standing. SUPER NERVOUS. And only applying to Texas State University & University of Houston
  12. Garcia_2020

    Social Work Advanced Standing Programs

    Hi! I’m in the same boat as you! I’ve definitely heard that these programs go by so quickly. The programs that I’m applying to are only 36/38 hours. I am also worried/ kinda nervous about it being too quick, but I’m sure it will be great. Good luck on applying

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