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  1. I'm in the same boat. It depends what graduate school you're attending. I would contact the financial aid office and ask about scholarships and what the application process is. At my school there's no scholarship applications, they just award scholarships based on merit or financial need (from FAFSA information). I am assuming whatever scholarships I get as an advanced standing student will not cover the tuition in it's entirety, so I will most likely be taking out federal loans. My school would be around 15k for the year w/o scholarships.
  2. Can anyone speak to their experience or knowledge of doing a social work internship at the VA? I am very interested in behavioral health as it relates to veterans, but behavioral health is very competitive in my area and I am worried if I put everything into getting a placement with them I may end up there, but doing something separate that I'm not interested in. Any information would be helpful.
  3. Thanks for your response! The office had lost one of my items but once I got in contact with someone they were flexible. Everything is finally showing up as received, so now it's just a waiting game!
  4. Can anyone speak to their experience applying to the UMaryland School of Social Work (or other schools)? I turned in the application a few weeks ago, the deadline for the program I am applying to is in two days, and the tracker still says there are items (LORS, etc; which they should have received) missing. Is this normal? Last I heard from anyone the system would have been up-to-date last week. I have tried to contact my admissions counselor a few times inquiring about the items to no response. I would love to attend this school and put a lot of effort into the application, but am interested
  5. I hope this isn't a silly question. I am an undergraduate BSW student applying for Advanced Standing at a few programs for my MSW. I have had a decent amount of exposure to the field through internships and volunteer work, and have thus far received A's in all of my undergraduate classes but one. For my undergraduate field placement, although my supervisor highly recommended an A for the course, the way the evaluation was filled out (their final field evaluations are vastly confusing and overcomplicated) caused me to get a final grade of a B in the class. Do you think it would be a red flag fo
  6. Thank you for the feedback. Basically, the chair has to fill out a form recommending me FOR this Advanced Standing MSW program. Advanced Standing basically means since I will be graduating with my BSW, I am applying to do this MSW program in 1 year instead of the regular 2-year program. My concern is that I don't know her well, so she would not be able to fill out this form recommending me without reaching out to a representative at the site or without me personally telling her how I've done in the program. I just wasn't sure what people usually do in these situations since it seems different
  7. I am an undergraduate BSW student applying to graduate school for advanced standing. One of the schools I am applying to requires that applicants have a "recommendation for advanced standing" form filled out by the chair of their undergraduate program. Not a letter, a form. It is listed separately from the LOR section. As a satellite student, I have only met the chair of the program once but we have not crossed paths since then. They are almost 3 hours away at the main campus. I am not sure if I should email the chair directly, introducing myself and explaining the situation or if I'm supposed
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