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  1. Hi Kaela, My friend that applied to CSULA's MFT program saw that she was accepted via her portal, but did not get an email. Have you checked your portal?
  2. Ahhhhhhh! Congrats, I am so happy for you!
  3. Hi Kaela, I did not apply anywhere else, but my friend applied to CSULA's MFT Program and interviewed at the beginning of Feb. Have you heard anything from them?
  4. I was super behind on checking the mail, but I finally did, and I was accepted! I was very surprised because the timeline they gave us was "before May 1st" so I wasn't expecting to hear so soon. Good luck to everyone else!
  5. Hi Impatient_CA, Agggggh I am so sorry! I don't know if they mailed all of the letters out on the same day. I slacked on checking my mail, but I did receive my acceptance in the mail. I also saw that someone on Instagram got their letter 6 days ago. It definitely sounds to me like your letter got lost in the mail! The letter I got was a letter for both accepted and waitlisted. It said if you were accepted you were in group 1, and if you were waitlisted you were in group 2. If you were in group 1 you are supposed to mail back an acceptance or rejection by April 1st. My portal also still says that my status is "Applicant" (maybe they do not change this until you accept the admissions offer?). My portal also still says that I have transcripts missing, even though I have sent them twice, so I am wondering if they are behind on adding them in? I am so sorry that you have not gotten a letter! It really sounds like it got lost, so hopefully, you can call on Monday or Tuesday and get some answers!
  6. Hi tryingtomasteit! Yes, the CSUN program I interviewed for was an on-campus program. I am not sure if there are interviews for the online programs. Good luck with all of your applications!!! Let me know when you hear anything
  7. Has anyone gotten interviews or admission decisions from any of the Cal State Counseling programs? If you have applied in previous years when did you hear back? CSUN - MFT Program - I applied in Jan, got an interview email on 1/30, and interviewed on 2/7. The interview email said that "selection letters will be mailed by May 1st" but I am realllly hoping to get an answer before then. Thanks so much & good luck to everyone!
  8. Thank you! Good luck to you as well. I had an interview at CSUN last week, but they said that "selection letters will be mailed by May 1st." I am really hoping that it will not take that long to get an admissions decision because that is a reallllly long time to wait. I adore Portland, what MSW programs did you apply to?
  9. Hi Everyone! Just a few days until the application deadline for my MFT program. Is anyone else applying to MFT programs? Any last minute tips on applications or interviews? Thanks so much & Good luck to everyone!
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