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  1. Hello, Warelin, thank you so much! Thanks for giving me such good advice, and these questions are really thought-provoking. After I read through your reply, I spent my weekend thinking about the questions you put forward to let me think about. I haven't finalized my decision yet, but I have decided to make a sheet and consider those factors you mentioned above. Again, thank you very much!
  2. Hello, I am new here. I hope to seek some advice from you guys if possible, and I would be very grateful for your help, and also, thank you very much for sparing me the time! I am an international student. I have received several offers from American universities. Now it is near the time to make my final decision. I will do a TESOL program. Among the offers I have got, I am most interested in 3 universities: NYU, Rochester and Penn State. I am interested in foreign language teaching and research, and also, applied linguistics. I hope to pursue a doctoral degree in the future. I have
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