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  1. @Warelin, I have primarily thought about investigating it from within a sociology department. I have found examples of students researching similar threads in queer studies through soc; they just are not super common, it seems. I wasn't sure if a communications/media studies dept would make more sense, or if anyone might know of a different interdisc program or even a certain researcher I have overlooked whose program might be worth a look! My preferred methodology would be ethnography, which soc or anth would facilitate, but which would also be an option as an interdisciplinarian, I guess.
  2. Hey, Folks! I have been investigating various programs but thought I would crowd-source for additional insight or suggestions: I'm planning on applying to phd programs this coming fall to research the way gender (and particularly masculinity) is policed and performed, especially among adolescents, and especially vis-à-vis social media. I'm interested in the ways Instagram, for example, both expands and contracts ideas about "optimal" and optional gender performance. More generally, I am interested in the way media (soc med/tv/internet) and institutions (school, gov) shape these conce
  3. How do we get to the results page??
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