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  1. Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask if anyone knows of any funded MA degrees other than Villanova. I think the Georgetown program is no longer funded.
  2. I know the DGS is probably under a lot of pressure lately, however I've noticed that the programs i was accepted to have stayed in contact while those I'm waitlisted at are completely silent towards any emails. I don't think it's rude to email if you really need answer, but i don't think that a string of emails is going to motivate them to answer if they don't want to or don't have time to. And i don't know if people on the waitlist only ever hear back if they get accepted, but i don't believe they'll send rejection letters either. I guess from my experience, the university will probably be mo
  3. Just wanted to say congratulations to everyone on here. But I'm going to leave the forum because it's creating a lot of negativity in my life that I can't deal with currently. My country has been in absolute chaos for the past 3 months and much of our income has been cut in half when we were already struggling, I'm also still mourning the recent death of a family member, and a break-up after my first long-term relationship while attempting to convince myself to write the 75% of the thesis I have left towrite and defend before April. And I can't go through all of that while simultaneously putti
  4. Does anyone know which programs are more probable to give out moving funds?
  5. I emailed them last week and they said they're still evaluating and didn't give me an approximate date for decisions.
  6. No problem at all. My POI was actually Sari Altschuler, but she's on leave this semster cause she's a visiting lecturer somewhere else. So I actually had my interview with Theo Davis and just now finished my second interview with Erika Boeckeler. They were both great, and it was very easy talking to them. Even though Professor Boeckeler is a Renaissance/RhetComp scholar she was interested with my take on the Bakhtinian grotesque in disability studies and southern literature. And I might take you up on that offer if I end up getting an acceptance!
  7. I get you! I'm just home all the time cause I feel too guilty to go out cause I have to finish my thesis, but being home means that I'm just in front of my email, GradCafe and university portals all day. I don't think even having a final decision is gonna make me be completely devoted to my thesis cause then I'll have the visa and moving process to figure out. But somehow I also have to finish this cause I'm not going anywhere if my thesis doesn't pass! *cries inaudibly while refreshing email*
  8. My first interview with Northeastern went so well, it was more like a conversation with a friend than an interview. And it looks like such a great fit for me, I don't think I can wait till next week to hear back on final decisions.
  9. Yes, I second this please. As an international student, I have no clue how to figure out taxes in the States.Actually since I'm still a student, I still haven't had to deal with taxes to begin with so if anyone knows how to deals with this or has dealt with it could you possibly please give us some basic pointers? Or maybe a helpful youtube video or something. I'll take anything, really...
  10. Yup, same. I'm just trying to convince myself that if we didn't get a generic rejection letter than hopefully we're still in the running. Also, I imagine that there aren't as many applicants to Brandeis than like say Chicago, and not everyone who gets a decision reports it on GradCafe.
  11. I believe it might depend on your field of study. If everyone receiving an interview has the same research interests (such as medieval literature) then the committee might not be choosing all interviewees. However, if the interviewees are from a variety of fields then I believe your chances of getting accepted would increase.
  12. I'm really sorry about this. And I know how much it might hurt, especially when one is constantly trying to hope and hold out for good news. And amid everyone receiving different decisions every day it's difficult to remember the impact this can have on your mental health and sense of self and to keep yourself afloat. I went into a horrible downward spiral because of this a couple of weeks ago especially at a time when my mental health wasn't at its best. And the only thing to remember is that the admissions process is not a reaction to you as a person nor to you as a scholar. It feels more li
  13. Good luck to everybody waiting on decisions this week!
  14. I've been expecting a rejection ever since decisions started coming out, especially since someone on the board who got accepted mentioned that their research is in disability studies which is the same as mine. It would still be a huge disappointment though since it's one of my top schools.
  15. This is honestly going to be one of my biggest dilemmas, especially since I'll be moving to the States from Lebanon, and have 400+ books. And I've already asked about the cost to ship all of them, and that is not something I can afford while settling in...
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