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  1. Recently joined after hearing about it here, but I haven't engaged... Aside from lurking on anyone with prospective schools in common. 🙃
  2. Birbs are fantastic weirdos. There was a peahen on the property where I lived in Hawaii. She was a total psycho, would strut past my sliding door and just stare in at me and make the weirdest honk/gobble sound I have ever heard.
  3. Anybody else just get that email for a survey from University of Texas Admissions and have their heart stop momentarily? 😆
  4. I fully agree that higher education should be free. To your point about schools giving you a warning on acceptance rates, every school I applied to is fairly transparent about the number of spots in the program versus the number of applications received, whether in the FAQs, or right in the homepage. I can understand being frustrated to learn this after the fact, but it's ultimately up to you to research the programs to which you are applying.
  5. Another non-English major here. Arizona State was the only school I applied to that asked for an academic writing sample (specifically just for TA funding). I included a research paper that I wrote for an academic composition course, which focused on the proliferation of conspiracy theories in contemporary American culture.
  6. Sounds like you put a lot of thought into your choice of school. I'm super impressed that you completed your application on such a short timeline, too. Welcome to the forum and best of luck!
  7. Same here. Oregon State is the only two year program to which I applied. I'd be glad to go there, but the couple of thesis ideas that I am knocking around are already ambitious for a three year timeline, so I would definitely need to rethink things if that's the route I take.
  8. Perhaps we'll both end up at Michener or UF, and we can make that a reality in the fall!
  9. No, but I'm compulsively consulting the I Ching to use divination to determine whether or not I will get accepted this year! Here's part of the reading I just got: "In his large and splendid house, no friends or family dwell. He sees no one pass through his gate for three years. Misfortune." The "three years" part has me feeling hopeful, but the rest sounds pretty dismal hahaha.
  10. Just so long as you find it again.
  11. Wondered this just moments ago, after remembering my partner's admission process for her MFA in Fine Arts. I should probably brush up on my interview skills, seeing as all of the schools I applied to guarantee funding. They're probably going to want to see that I'm not some sort of clever goblin before they pay me to teach kids.
  12. As is my right as a native Ohioan who is immeasurably sick of hearing about Ohio State Football for the last 31 years, I hereby dub you an Honorary Ohioan for this statement.
  13. Aaaand cue anxiety over the fact that I don't have a website. 😂
  14. It would not surprise me, but also might be more effort than anyone would care to put in. If you're concerned about it, just set all your shit to private. I use a pseudonym on all my social media, so I think I'm good unless they're combing facial recognition databases.
  15. Hey feralgrad, anything floatin' around the rumor mill at your school re: the applicant pool this cycle? 🙃 Numbers compared to previous years, stage in review, timelines, etc? Obviously everywhere is going to be different, but it might give us anxious toe-tappers a lil' something to extrapolate from.
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