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  1. Yea, my username is easy to figure out from my name on FB haha.
  2. Thank you! I think every college I applied to this year is super competitive haha...There's always next year though if this year ends up not working out. That was my plan. First year, apply to super competitive programs, and the next year I'm going to broaden my search to less competitive programs.
  3. Yep, just got my first rejection...Not a great feeling, but I'm trying to stay hopeful.
  4. Haha Yea, I was on the edge of my seat. This is why I don't like draft, but I'm also addicted to it...I can't stop checking for new posts.
  5. I think the waitlist is the girl from yesterday in draft who said she was first on the list. I'm not sure about the other acceptance though.
  6. It's got a great faculty, and it's fully-funded. I had a friend who got her MFA in fiction over there, and she loved it.
  7. Someone in fiction got accepted at OSU today in Draft. I'm guessing they sent out all the poetry acceptances yesterday? If so, I'm either waiting to be waitlisted or my first rejection...gearing myself up for it.
  8. I'll probably start doing that when I start hearing that the colleges I applied for are notifying people. lol But I understand, the anxiety is real...
  9. Also, does anyone else feel like January is an accumulation of months rather than a single month....?
  10. What's weird is that we usually see acceptances before waitlists so I'm thinking it's not real, but who knows, it has been a weird year thus far.
  11. Exactly, I'm ready to really get involved in a community of writers. I did want to take some time away from academics after getting my undergrad, and I think it has helped my writing tremendously, but I'm ready to get back into it.
  12. Right there with you. I have nightmares of being rejected most nights with the occasional dream about being accepted. I keep telling myself that it is fine to get rejected and that I can apply next year, but some days I'm just really moody about the whole thing. What's funny is that I haven't even been rejected yet! haha
  13. Very well said! It's definitely a lottery ticket, and it's the same with the publishing world. I applied to 14 schools, and I'm holding my breath to get accepted into one, but I'm already making plans for if I don't get accepted. I wish we knew about the number of applicants this year, but I think you're right. Lots of young people are jobless right now so it's the perfect time to try for grad school.
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