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  1. Hi everyone, Has anyone applied for a PhD or MA position in Educational Studies at McGill? I have been waitlisted since a month ago and still no news!
  2. Hey everyone, Any news from the university of Victoria?
  3. Hey everyone, I just wonder if you have heard any news from Uvic?
  4. Hi everybody and congrats to the ones who have been admitted. Has anyone heard any news from the University of Victoria, Canada?
  5. Hey and thank you for creating this post. It can be very helpful 👍
  6. Unfortunately not yet! I had just talked to two professors at Uvic and McGill via email before applying.
  7. I have also applied for a PhD position at UBC, Victoria, and McGill but have not heard back yet! Canadian universities usually send out the results in March or April.
  8. I am very happy to hear that. Great news! Fingers crossed
  9. Hi I totally understand you and please know that such feelings are very natural. Do not lose your hope and stay positive. You are not inadequate! The problem is that this year seems to be much more competitive than the previous ones. Stay strong and I hope you will get admitted with a good funding package!
  10. Awesome! Thank you very much for your positive vibe! I hope you have a great defense session and succeed in your future plans for entering a PhD program ☺️
  11. Hi iCelestia, Thank you! I have applied for both PhD and MA positions. Actually, since I already have an MA, I have only applied for one MA position. The rest are PhDs. How about you?
  12. Thank you Ivan, My POI told me the number of students accepted this year were very few (due to pandemic). He also said most of them were Canadians and the faculty could not afford as many international students as the previews years. The surprising point is that my POI and I were almost sure about me being accepted but it did not happen! ☹️ It feels terrible but I think we should stay hopeful 👍
  13. Thank you very much Ivan. Unfortunately, I have not received any offers yet. Still waiting to see what happens and this waiting time is such a torture tbh ☹️ Fingers crossed
  14. Hi Ivanc, This is the first time I am commenting in this section since I am a newcomer! I have also applied for a position at some universities in Canada and understand how it feels to get rejected when you are almost sure you will get in. As an international applicant, I have had the same experience as yours recently and I want to tell you not to doubt your abilities and strengths. Stay strong and never lose your hope. I hope you will get accepted at the other universities you have applied for. Best wishes
  15. Hi, I think it is possible coz I have seen people who have gotten accepted without having any publications. You should just check the minimum GPA on their website. Have you heard back from UBC yet?
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