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  1. Congratulations on getting into Georgetown!! You will definitely enjoy your time there! Can I ask who is your POI just out of curiosity and also your research interest as well?
  2. Hi, I just received my acceptance with funding from UA. I believe that they have sent out all their acceptances. I'm weighing my options and will notify the admission committee of my decision once I have finalized it. You should ask them about the waitlist movement to make sure if they rank applicants or it's more of an area of interest type of waitlist. Hope this helps!
  3. Just an update: The department sent me a letter saying that they are trying to figure out funding for me and will notify me if I get offered funding. I will let you know how that goes and it might affect your waitlist status as well!
  4. Finger-crosseded for you! I haven't heard anything from UA yet but I will keep you posted. Don't lose hope!
  5. Thank you for your kind words! I think if you come in with an MA, you can finish the program in 4 years if you want (funding is still available for the fifth year if you are making progress toward your degree). But I see a lot of people with an MA finishing their PhD after 4 years. Programs in the UK are different from the US since they don't require coursework. So you come in and start working on your dissertation right after. In the US, you have to take coursework. You can look at education track for some UC schools, they have some focus on SLA. I don't know much about schools in N
  6. Last year they admit 6 people I think. The year before that 8 people. And I believe the stipend for PhD student is a bit higher than my stipend as an MA student (I got an assistantship for my MA), so I think around $18k-20k for 10 months (they paid you separately for summer employment).
  7. I hope that it works out for you!! I put instructional and socio as my top 2 but my main focus would be instructional. They should be finalizing their decisions soon I think, so finger-crossed for both of us!! I hope that this year's cohorts will be similar compared to previous year but we never know... it's a tough year...
  8. UA is a great school and I have great experiences with the professors here so I would love to be considered for admission. But we'll see. What is your subfield?
  9. Finger-crossed for you!! I'm currently doing my MA at UA and I must admit that they're a lot slower this year because of funding issues 😞
  10. Hi everyone! I want to have a topic for applied linguistics and SLA folks since I didn't see one for this year. I'm currently doing my Master's in TESOL and I applied to a lot of applied linguistics and SLA programs, since this cycle has been very tough. My area of interest is second language writing and corpus linguistics. Here is my current situation: Penn State: interviewed and then accepted with full funding and extra scholarship NAU: interviewed with my POI and one other person and then accepted with full funding Georgia State: interviewed with 2 POIs I mentione
  11. All of them should have full funding through assistantships. It's competitive though, since the acceptance rate tends to be between 4-7%. But if you get in, you're usually guaranteed with funding (for PhD students, not sure how that looks like for MA).
  12. Hi iCelestia, You might want to look into Applied Linguistics or Second Language Studies/Acquisition/Teaching programs as those are designed for your area of interest. Look at Georgetown, UC Davis, University of Hawaii Manoa, University of Wisconsin Madison, Georgia State, Penn State, University of Arizona, Northern Arizona University, Arizona State, UMass Boston, etc. and you might find some that fit within your subfield. I'm applying this season with a focus in second language writing and corpus linguistics so you can ask me for more information on the process if you would like.
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