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  1. Congratulations Saurus. So PhD. at Georgetown... It's my dream school. Could you share if you got funding? partial? full fund? Did you contact any of the preferred faculty at first or straight up applied ?
  2. Thanks for creating this topic. Psyched to see acceptance on Penn state and NAU. One question. Since you'll start the program holding an M.A. in TESOL, do you have to do full 5 years? How come programs in the UK for example are 3 years... Did you find any other universities in California or NY that are notable in SLA? Which professors in UC Davis focus on SLA? please do update us. It really inspires me
  3. I am to defend my M.A. thesis in September. So I'm doing my due diligence!!! for possible Ph.D. programs in UK,US, and CA. I sincerely hope you receive good news soon.
  4. Good to see fellow Iranians here. Hi Saina. may I ask which grade you're applying for?
  5. Many thanks anhdang. It was definitely helpful. For one, I was lurking around UCLA's website hopelessly and I now I see their SLA center is Davis! Because of a huge difference in our currency( like an application fee being equal to a month's salary in Iran), my priority would be on Fully funded programs. Are any of your recommendations famous for their full stipends all the way?
  6. I'm a newbee in this website. Congrats to those who got in. Ivan, been scrolling through your posts in these 3 pages, I sincerely hope you get in on your other choices. Or your petition is accepted by the committee at IOWA state U Since there are many prospective linguists here and not many active topics in linguistics forum, I decided to ask my question here. hope it's not absurdly off-topic. I'm bound to defend my M.A. thesis around september. I live in Iran and my M.A. will be in TEFL (almost equivalent to TESL). My B.A. was the same major. These days I'm browsing linguistic departmen
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