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  1. Maybe there’s hope? Thanks for keeping me updated I would be going nuts if I couldn’t check in with you all!
  2. Also — I don’t know if it’s me overthinking but this might be a consolation for others awaiting an email. They wrote that they would give us 72 hours to reply but it appears they are giving scholars until the 26th. This must mean scholars get a minimum of 72 hours to accept or decline. So maybe they are sending out offers through the 23? We’ll find out soon enough!
  3. A sincere congrats to all scholars!! @shivermetimbers tomorrow cannot come soon enough 😅😅😅
  4. @shivermetimbers do you think it’s too presumptuous to say they haven’t sent out biological panel acceptances yet? I’m trying to measure my expectations lol
  5. Anyone hear from the biological science panel yet?
  6. I’ve been compulsively checking my email and this forum even though I know if I don’t get the email first thing in the morning (noonish Cambridge time) we won’t be hearing that day. Can’t wait for the relief of knowing!
  7. Hey all! I know it’s early Jan and they said late Jan but has anyone heard anything new from Gates?
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