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  1. Thanks for the info! Hopefully you'll be able to get home! However, it looks like you applied to the Brain & Cognitive Sciences department, which is separate from Neuro, if I'm correct.
  2. In the same boat! Thought I had a good chance, but no new interview invites after Monday. Wondering if there’s a waitlist or if they’re still working on reviewing applications. With the interview weekend so close, I kind of doubt they’ll be sending any more invites after early next week at the latest. Any info would be great!!
  3. I emailed yesterday to ask - seems like all invites have been sent out, but they might have a waiting list for invites? They replied to my email with a rejection, though.
  4. @sendmeadvice Wow that's pretty intense! I luckily haven't come across any schools that require that amount of depth. I don't imagine that they expect you to remember every. single. textbook you have ever used for classes, so I would just find/try to remember as many as possible and leave it at that! It definitely seems a bit over the top, for sure. Maybe someone else who's also applying to MIT will reply with their thoughts on what to do!
  5. Calling all neuro applicants for Fall 2019 matriculation! I figured it was time to make a post specifically for us to comment, ask for feedback, and post interview dates and results!
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