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  1. BNichole

    Has Spain ETA been notified?

    I was notified about that time ago.. I’m an alternate. Not sure if that helps you.
  2. BNichole

    Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 I'm not sure how different the Rangel process is from the Pickering, but I'll be at the SFS Open House and I'm happy to give what advice I can if you'd like!
  3. BNichole

    Rangel Fellowship 2018

    @mrs12 congrats!!! Thats so amazing!!
  4. BNichole

    Princeton WWS App Q's

  5. BNichole

    Fletcher Fall 2018

    @ayasofaya What do you mean? SAIS and Fletcher are great programs and you've been accepted! I hope you hear good things from Pickering and Fulbright!
  6. BNichole

    Fletcher Fall 2018

    @ayasofaya Yep my SAIS email said the same thing, but broke down what they offered including outside funding so it won't be adjusted, thankfully. A lof of the other fellows got low offers from Fletcher too, its weird. How's Pickering going btw? What waiting stage are you in?
  7. BNichole

    Fletcher Fall 2018

    @ayasofaya I got 20k, 10k for each year. Which is basically pennies.. even w/ fellowship money its not enough smh. I know my gre scores weren't magnificent but I don't know.. seems a bit insulting lol.
  8. BNichole

    Fletcher Fall 2018

    I got in EN but finally see what I got for financial aid.. looks like Fletcher is a no for me.
  9. BNichole

    HKS 2018

    2016 .. March 9th was a Wednesday. Results also came out that year on a Wednesday
  10. BNichole

    So...how are you going to choose?

    I made a spreadsheet with different aspects and that’s definitely helping me to keep everything organized and in line, especially when I’m comparing multiple programs. I’ve especially focused on curriculum (seeing what’s least Econ heavy in my case), the diversity of the program/city over the past years, and if programs have faculty that have done extensive work in the regional field I’m interested in. Google sheets = life!
  11. BNichole

    JHU SAIS 2018

    Me too, congrats!! I haven't found a "legit group" yet like facebook or anything, this would be the closest to it. Do you plan on going down for admitted students day? Seems like that's probably the best way to connect with admitted students.
  12. BNichole

    JHU SAIS 2018

    I think I read that it said it’s renewable as long as your gpa is 3.4 and above
  13. BNichole

    HKS 2018

    Yep office admin usually work during spring break. At least that’s how where I attend.
  14. BNichole

    Princeton WWS App Q's

    Ahh the anxiety! Waiting for both WWS along with a few others has me super distracted from my thesis .
  15. BNichole

    Korbel School of International Studies

    I’ve seen a few people mention how expensive Denver is.. and it’s all relative I guess. I live in Boston and it’s $550-750 for a ROOM in an apartment with 3-4 other people. I’m excited at the prospect of only paying $750 for a studio lol. @Megabyte I also thought it went well.. but then did the same as you and second guessed everything lol. I know they said it would be short but I didn’t expect it to be that short.

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