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  1. Not too thrilled with the financial situation. I did get accepted but unless I get more aid, I probably will not end up going to Korbel because I cannot afford it.
  2. No but a handful of International Studies posted on Grad Cafe.
  3. How is public transportation? Where I am at in LA, it's very, very bad.
  4. Oh nice! Are you an undergrad then? What did you study there?
  5. @Megabyte have they already started interviews for the Sie Fellowship? I was inquiring about that in the fall and they did not give me much information about what they were looking for or the process.
  6. Hey @MrBP22, I'm right now thinking about using the degree to work as an analyst for either the State Department or a federal agency. However, I also want to go into an academia eventually. I thought I did alright on the GRE. I'm more of a math person and so I got Q: 155, V: 150, and W: 4.5. In undergrad I got a 3.6 GPA but I currently have a 4.0 in my MA program. I have lots of experience working with development, but since I am switching from development work to security studies, I will be curious to see how they weigh everything.
  7. What are your career goals MrBP22? How well did you do on your GREs?
  8. I also applied for the International Security program for Fall '18. What are your career goals?
  9. This is a space to discuss anything about the Korbel School for those who have applied for their programs.
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