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  1. I learned that the board meeting is now pushed to July 15. So I think it will be a bit of a delay 😕
  2. Anyone else apply for this? Supposed to hear back soon.
  3. Anyone hear back from or apply to the Hodges Foundation fellowship for PhD students?
  4. Can anyone invite me to the slack group? I've been trying to get an invite with no luck. Thank you and best of luck to everyone!
  5. After a year of waiting for feedback, I received an R&R on my first journal. I was ecstatic. The feedback was mostly cosmetic, and I fixed it all right away. When I submitted it, I didn't actually show it to anyone - I know, what was I thinking - so I decided to show it to a handful of people. I took a fairly controversial and unpopular position, about which I feel very passionate, and I was not prepared for a lot of the negative commentary. Ideologically, I can tell that the other person was very much against the entire foundation of my work and I can't help but take it personally. As a new and young-ish academic, I know I have to get used to this, particularly when I take the positions I do. Any advice on how to grow a thicker skin? I do plan to use some of the feedback and improve the paper as best as I can, given how close the deadline is. But knowing how sensitive I tend to be, I feel a little doubt about my ability to succeed in this area long-term.
  6. My first solo paper that I wrote a year ago, which has been under review for an entire year came back today with minimal revisions. I submitted it without any feedback from my advisors or colleagues, which was a big gamble. I am beside myself.
  7. This may sound incredibly obvious, but I was wondering if the bibliography was meant to only include those items referenced in the rest of the application (which would mean to include parentheticals throughout) or if it is something that is meant to be included as an overview of the field?
  8. Hi, seconding the request for a Slack invitation. Thanks!
  9. Anyone here applying for Jordan? It's my second time. Super nervous!
  10. I applied a few years ago and included an Arabic evaluation with my proposal. I understood from my evaluator that a brief statement that you are capable of carrying out the work, have had x years of preparation, lived in the country, etc. is sufficient. I believe there are also some "button" questions to be selected, but I do not recall the specifics. Best of luck!
  11. I'm about to begin the field research part of my PhD. My supervisors are great, but I have been doing a lot of correspondence via email (I'm in another country now) and I'm having a hard time getting some questions answered. I was wondering if it is normal to expect a supervisor to review survey questions and other specific aspects of your methodological tools before actually collecting data? My approach has been approved generally via my proposal but no one has looked at the actual survey I'm conducting. I've been asking if I need to have these approved before departing and instead have been getting institutional forms to fill out. I know that these need to be done, but I am more worried about the specifics. Is this something a PhD student should have confidence in doing alone, provided the proposal was accepted? I do not want to sound needlessly insecure, but I do not want to make a mess out of my dissertation either.
  12. I'm doing it now and it's very, very tough. You will be behind your peers and if you have any interest in academia, you won't have time to form those relationships or publish that you need to do be doing alongside it. If I had the funding I would not be working.
  13. I may do this. It's definitely frustrating. I finally heard back that they were able to get one review but were waiting on another. It's been seven months now!
  14. Hi, I recently submitted my first solo article to a journal and upon receipt was told that I would hear back after five weeks. I contacted them around this time and it's now been seven weeks and I have not heard back. Is this normal to not hear anything even after further inquiry? How long should I wait before submitting elsewhere? Thanks!
  15. Is anyone on here doing a three-year PhD? I know one of the pitfalls of European programs is the lack of time to publish, present, etc. outside of the dissertation. I'm getting a lot of conflicting messages from professors and students about expected productivity in projects outside of their dissertation. Most of the students in my program I've spoken to don't seem too worried about anything besides their dissertation. My adviser wants me to present 2x a year and to simply "read everything" - not worrying about writing until later. If I'm writing a full paper for a conference, I'd like to publish if I can. On the other hand, I have to finish a big chunk of the dissertation in the first year if I'm to upgrade. I'd like to be competitive for jobs when I graduate and I'm sure my classmates do to, but as far as I know I'm the only one that's thinking this way. What are your thoughts? How would you balance writing on the side in such a time frame? What is reasonable?
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