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  1. M.A. + 2 Ph.D. So far, I am 1/1/3 (a/w/r), though I'd prefer to think of it as 0/*2/3 since I'm waitlisted (first in line) for funding and I ain't going without funding!! As for the remaining three programs, I've not heard a peep! I applied to Bowling Green State's Ph.D. (I love that program!), and although word is that 'acceptance' and 'waitlist' people were notified early March, I've not heard a damn thing! I've been eagerly awaiting my rejection letter ever since I heard that...but nothing! I applied to Florida State's M.A. well before the deadline for funding consideration...nothing. I als
  2. Do you happen to be sitting on funded offers from Western Michigan or Toledo as well?
  3. I also presented my sample paper at an international conference. Though a difference is that I wrote my paper while in my current state outside academia. I repetitiously read the particular paper to which I ended up responding, extracted its arguments, and then formulated my counterarguments, all while walking 3 miles from a job I held over the summer (I have a different job now) in what was mostly triple digit heat. I did this for three months. The paper is currently under review (past the initial editor) at a major journal.
  4. UPDATE ? I realize my general question is so overstated as to be vexing at this point, yet I think my case is interesting enough to mitigate that aspect to a somewhat minimal degree. I recently garnered an international conference invite. From what I was told some time ago, national and international conference presentations *are* a big deal or could help strengthen a grad school application even in spite of a less than stellar prior GPA. This was told to me by a senior faculty member. So...given the previous information and this update...how do my chances look? Best Regards to
  5. Holy hell! I was consistent in looking for updates to this post, yet I never saw anything indicating there were any. So, it's quite a surprise that these replies posted in June. Anyway, pardon my tardiness, though you guys probably lost interest at this point. I'll answer anyway. frenchlover, it was they who had each made clear violations of the student code of conduct and workplace harassment policies. This is why I had such an awful time of it all, for it was me who was put under scrutiny. As for what *I* did in response, I simply wrote a course presentation highlighting some of what wa
  6. To Hector, Thanks again for the feedback. I do appreciate it. To goalie4life, On your first point, I just have to say 'wow!', okay, so I'm not the only one with a bump in the road and less-than-traditional pathway. Good to know. Thank you for sharing. As for your second point, I'll reveal that I am a racial/ethnic minority male who experienced (I) a remark by a female fellow employee during an official meeting likening "most" men to a comedic narcissistic television character whom I had (moments before) likened to a real-life serial rapist/killer. To be honest, I was going to l
  7. Yeah...you see, this is why I came here. Yesterday, I made a preliminary list of graduate programs, the vast majority being M.A. programs. Also, I came up with a strategy this morning to draft a 'candid' statement of purpose (SOP), which I'll put on Google Docs. The purpose is to write everything I wish I could express in an SOP and have my LOR writers help me amend the draft in a less candid fashion. Basically, the exercise is to help me express things in a more-or-less implicit way, so as to be candid with admissions committees yet also within reason. What do you guys think?
  8. Hi Hector, Thank you for taking the time to reply to stated concerns. I’ll answer what I understand to be the main concerns raised in your post. Firstly, yes, my LOR writers are aware of the ‘elephants in the room’. They’re aware that my graduate GPA is not poor but less than competitive. They’re also aware that a part of why I left was for a reason that was political in nature. The consensus is that between the political events, lack of compatibility with the program and thereby my having to self-direct research, the experience was doomed from the start. Yet, the consensus is also that I warr
  9. Read it out loud. Read it as if you're giving a speech off it. This is especially helpful if you have someone who'll listen to you. Ultimately, you'll find yourself trying to convince your listener of the case stated in your paper. Also, given that you'll have to stop and explain some concepts, that may prove invaluable in terms of discovering new (better) ways of explaining, new ideas or nuanced ways of seeing ones you've established in your work. This practice has even led me to (altogether) new writing projects.
  10. I gave you the 'like' for publishing this question. The answers below certainly helped me. Thanks for your (indirect) assistance! ?
  11. This past spring I presented a paper arguing against a controversial movement from an even more controversial view. Before getting ahead of ourselves here, let me tell you my experience in 2/2 conferences I've been to. My experience dictates that organizers are more bent on preventing panel fights than they are in otherwise risking such things by opening up dialogue. I'm unsure how you feel about this, but allow to say that I am disappointed by this move. Perhaps, your experience will be different. Who knows, right? In spite of what was said above, you may have those you're opposing come
  12. Not every society/association/forum will notify rejects though some do. Here're my stats from the past spring conference season if that would help ease your mind at all. 6 rejections/3 notifications
  13. Hi ? I am Contract Monster Slayer of Purgatory, yet you're all free to truncate my name however you wish, so long as I know you're referring to me. Anyway, this is my first day here on Grad Cafe in what I hope is my first and only year as an applicant. Then again, I've got quite the story, so I could be here a while. But hey, you tell me. Here it goes... STORY TIME (Read on if you want more detail/Skip if you don't) I am a former M.A. philosophy student/TA. I departed from my program without graduating for two reasons: (1) Incompatibility with the program in terms of research i
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