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  1. Thank you for your helpful responses! Does this advice also apply to a practice conference situation in my department? One professor is known for trying to attack/embarrass the presenter at these practice conferences.....
  2. Hi! Do you have any tips on how to react to questions in the q & a part of a conference presentation that feel more like attacks than genuine questions? Do you engage or simply say "thanks for the insight, I will look into that"?
  3. serpentina02

    Austin, TX

    I got an offer from UT and my question is how feasible it is to live in Austin on a $16k stipend (divided by 12 months)? I heard that it is difficult to find affordable housing...
  4. I know from other disciplines that it is crucial to contact the professors you want to work with before applying to phd programs. I received contradicting advise from two political science profs - one told me to contact them and my advisor told me not to. What is your advice/your experience? Did you contact POIs before applying to phd programs?
  5. Do any "real" people (who don't try to sell their products) have any recommendations?
  6. Hi! I have taken the GRE twice so far (first time in 2013) and then in July of this year. While I have improved my verbal score, I did not improve my quant score at al (145). I used Magoosh and 5 lbs Math Practice book and studied over the summer. Any recommendations for improving my quant score/alternatives to Magoosh?
  7. Hi! Has anyone ever taken the SPEAK test? If yes, how was it? Can you compare it to the speaking portion of the TOEFL test?
  8. Darmstadt is not as expensive as other cities in Germany (rent is around 300€/m). http://www.unicum.de/studienzeit/service/lebenskostenrechner/index.php?bundesland=8 http://www.studis-online.de/StudInfo/Studienfinanzierung/mietkosten.php Americans are supposed to get a visa, but I know many who never registered and nothing happened - I don't know if this is the case for other nationalities, though. The generalization that Master degrees from German universities are not as well-regarded as from US universities is not true - TU Darmstadt is well-regarded for engineering and science https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/universitaet/profil_1/rankings_4/index.en.jsp.
  9. Do you know if it is fairly easy to get this credit card with limited/no credit history?
  10. Does anyone have current information on furnished affordable apartments in walking distance? I read the online off-campus housing guide and googled many apartments, but most google reviews are horrible...
  11. serpentina02

    Athens, OH

    I just received an offer for a stipend plus a graduate assistantship of $10k per year - is that doable? I won't have a car, so I would have to find a place in walking distance.
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