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  1. Oh! Sorry. I'm applying for a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and most of them just say someone that can talk about your research experience or your personality, so that is pretty vague.
  2. Hi guys! I'll be applying this cycle straight out of undergrad. Expecting the worst but hoping for the best. Qualifications B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Religious Studies (3.8), GRE is a work in progress Various experience in a diverse research settings (designing and conducting an experiment w/ one professor, working on data analysis for another professor, using eye tracking software and fMRI to study cog. neuro w/ another professor) Two poster presentations at different (small) conferences, will have one more in the works by the time I send in my application Certified crisis counselor General Psychology instructor (1.5 years) Peer coaching Programs Top 3: Bowling Green State University (my number 1 choice, 100%. Perfect match, offers the specialization I want, everything else feels like settling) Washington State University Colorado State University- Boulder I am still working on putting others on the list. My issue is I don't know how picky I should be. In a perfect world, I could apply to BGSU and get accepted there and not worry about anything else. What do you do if you don't get accepted? Go for a masters to get more research experience? I don't really trust that I'd be able to find a job as a research assistant or coordinator.
  3. Hey guys, need some help figuring out who to ask to write my letters. I have 5 options. 1. Psych professor I have done quite a bit of research with, knows me well, has taught me in class, and went to my first choice school for his Ph.D. as well (not sure if that holds any weight). No clinical background though. 2. Psych professor (not had me in class) I've only known for a few months but have worked extensively with. I don't know him quite as well, but I know he can speak for my research experience and work ethic. Has clinical background. 3. Psych professor (not had me in class) I work with a lot, not really doing research, but helping him complete tasks such as edit the psych book he is writing. Has clinical background. Can definitely speak on my work ethic. 4. Religious studies professor. Relevant because I'm wanting to specialize in religion/spirituality. I have had him for 3 classes, talk with him frequently. He knows me very well and will definitely write a good letter. Can speak for my participation in classes/discussions and writing capabilities. 5. Supervisor for my job as a general psychology instructor. Not sure how valuable teaching experience would be.
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