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  1. Hi to all of those attending the University of Maryland for their MA SLP this fall! A Facebook group has been created by a graduating senior and soon-to-be grad student. I think the name should link you to it "UMD Speech-Language Pathology 2021 Cohort" but if not just search the name. Feel free to request to join. Can't wait to meet you all this fall!
  2. Laurenf131

    GRE advice

    I also did Magoosh and found it extremely helpful! Not only do they have 1200+ practice questions and multiple full-length, timed tests, but every question has a video and text explanation of the answer so you can learn from your mistakes. I studied for about a month or month a half before the test and my scores went up dramatically from my practice test. I found their practice questions to be very close to the style and difficulty of the actual GRE. Magoosh gives you estimates on your scores based on your performance on the practice questions too. I personally used the math instructional videos and the test-taking tips and tricks videos the most. If I hadn't used Magoosh, I probably would've had to take it twice because I wouldn't have done as well the first time I took it. For that reason alone, I think it was worth the price. I think my GRE scores, boosted by my practice with Magoosh, helped me get into grad school. 10/10 would recommend, even if you just do the three-month instead of the six-month.
  3. Laurenf131

    April 15th deadline

    My advisor just said it includes April 15th! Oh man.
  4. Laurenf131

    April 15th deadline

    I thought I would have a decision too! I wanted to wait until Monday to see if any last funding came in but I might have to make my decision assuming that I don't have any. I am still between UMD (if I got funding which is competitive), Emerson, and UMass (for that in-state tuition). I haven't turned down BU yet because it hurts too much to turn out one of my dream programs but I most likely will. I wish MGH was cheaper because I would totally go. I'm struggling but mostly because of the finances.
  5. Laurenf131

    April 15th deadline

    Does the April 15th deadline mean you have until 11:59pm on Monday the 15th to put your deposit down or is it 11:59pm on Sunday the 14th? I see emails from schools that say "by April 15th" which seems to mean before then but I would really hope that I still have Monday to decide.
  6. Laurenf131

    Please help! I have no idea where to go!

    It's a good program but I do really need that big city vibe. I did a year at UConn, which is also isolated, and I truly hated it so I'm not that interested in going back to a more rural area. That being said, it's good to know that there are some cool places to visit nearby and good restaurants!
  7. Laurenf131

    Please help! I have no idea where to go!

    I'm still struggling to decide on a program! I'm most seriously considering UMass (I'm from MA so that state school tuition is tempting), Emerson College (the cheapest Boston program), and the University of Maryland (if I get funding which is possible but could be unlikely). If I got funding from UMD, I would go since I have friends and family in the area, I went to undergrad there, and the funding would make it really cheap. There are still a few GAs that have not been accepted and I have an interview for one outside the department tomorrow. If I don't know before the 15th, I would have to make my decision assuming I don't have funding. I love Boston so much and would love to network there and do my clinicals in their great healthcare facilities. Do you think that is worth the extra $30k compared to UMass since I really want to work in Boston one day? Or should I just suck it up and hope that I can somehow get clinicals in Boston even though I go to UMass which is two hours away and save the money? I'm a very practical person and since SLPs don't make $100k/year, I'm wary of going to more expensive programs which is why I'm turning down MGH and probably BU even though it physically pains me. I don't want to be paying nearly 20% of my salary towards student loans when I'm 35. I know I'd be happy in Boston or the DC area but would not really like Amherst where UMass is. Please help me decide because I'm seriously struggling and the deadline is so soon!
  8. Laurenf131

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    I got a financial aid offer (loans only) from GWU but I believe that their, along with MGH, scholarships and GA positions have been offered. I am just hoping that someone turns it down and then I get offered one.
  9. Laurenf131

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    Declined Pitt. Likely to decline GWU, MGH and Emerson but waiting for some financial aid info to come in before I do.
  10. Laurenf131

    Cheap(er) vs. Expensive program

    I'm having the same struggle! I got into some of my dream programs but I want to travel and save for other things in life so it's really hard for me to choose these dream programs because of the debt. Graduating with only about $15k in debt from a state school is tempting compared to $90k+ in debt after interest. Unfortunately, that lack of debt would mean sacrificing clinical placements I want and a location that would make me happy so I'm really struggling.
  11. Laurenf131

    UMD Thoughts?

    I'm a current UMD undergrad and agree with what was said above but can speak more from a student's perspective! Yes, the campus and student body are large but as a grad student, you will be spending most of your time in Lefrak Hall where the clinic is located and be a part of a small cohort (~25). Lefrak is one of the more dated and dark buildings on campus but isn't too bad. I think the department faculty are pretty great and you would see a lot of different disorders in the clinic. It's a rigorous program as you get multiple clients your first semester on top of your classes but I've heard it's worth it. In general, College Park is pretty full of strip malls and chain restaurants so it's not THE BEST college town but with DC so close there is a lot to explore nearby when you have the time. CP apartments can get expensive (generally 800+) but houses and surrounding areas are cheaper. There's not THAT much to do in College Park itself but there are a few bars packed with undergrads (often freshmen) so I'd recommend exploring the area more. I have loved my time at UMD and am considering attending their grad program too.
  12. Laurenf131

    UMD haven’t heard

    I don't think you should give up hope just yet! I thought they said they were considering the last of the applicants either last week or this week but I know the admissions committee still meets weekly. Next week is UMD spring break though so don't expect to hear then. If you have yet to hear I'd say it's likely to hear one way or the other by the end of this week or the week of the 25th-29th.
  13. Laurenf131

    Please help! I have no idea where to go!

    I think I'm leaning towards more of an outpatient setting with adults! I'd love to use my clinical externships at a Boston program to network for a CF and future employment in Boston but also I could always work there after grad school once some students move away... I want to go to a cheap school but at the same time I don't want to sacrifice my happiness or my experiences for that price tag. Yeah I was thinking about the networking aspect too! Since all my schools have good Praxis pass rates and employment rates, I am not too concerned about getting a job. I might end up just going to a cheaper program but it's so difficult to go to a program just because of the cost and turn down offers from schools I've dreamed about going to!
  14. Hi all! I have heard back from all of my grad programs and am really torn on what to do. I currently go to school in the DC area but am from the Boston area. I'd really love to live and work in Boston one day so the programs there are really appealing (but scarily expensive). On the other hand, I have some programs that are comparably priced in the DC area where my brother lives and my friends from undergrad will stay after we graduate. I don't want to be in debt forever and if I got a good GA position at my alma mater, UMD, I would consider going here but I also want to change. I'm so torn because I love both areas and there are pros and cons at all my schools. Any advice on the programs (in my signature) or on how to afford grad school would be really great. Thanks!
  15. Laurenf131


    Mine has a decision! That's strange. Maybe it's still coming!

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