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  1. They were extrememly nice! Just relax it isnt as scary as you think!
  2. kate9696

    Emerson Interview - Thread 2.0

    Thanks! I did receive an email. Also on the portal there is a new option above where it lists the GRE and CSDCAS application stuff. You click on the link and sign up for an interview date and time. Hope this helps!
  3. kate9696

    Emerson Interview - Thread 2.0

    The regular program
  4. kate9696

    Emerson Interview - Thread 2.0

    Congrats everyone! I also just got an interview! I’ve heard Emerson’s interviews are like a conversation as well!
  5. kate9696

    Northeastern Interview

    I got mine on Monday morning. My friend got one last Thursday though so they seem to be sending them out scattered.
  6. kate9696

    Northeastern Interview

    I am going because I am from the Boston area. I would not think it would hurt your chances as you are located so far away.
  7. kate9696

    Northeastern Interview

    I got an interview as well. Congrats everyone! I also did not know about the interview... maybe they added it last minute?
  8. Yes. It’s easier than the big schools in Boston!
  9. Hi! I am applying to schools in the Boston area such as MGH, BU, Emerson, and Northeastern. My GPA is a 4.0 and my GREs are: Verbal: 158 Quant: 151 AWA:5.0. I am currently taking part in 100 hours of undergraduate practicum experience with an SLP. I know that these schools are competitive so my advice would be to try and write a really great personal statement. Also, because they are so competitive, I would apply to some "safety" schools as well to be safe. I am applying to places like Bridgewater state and Worcester state! Good luck!
  10. Yes I think 2 pages is a good length!!
  11. Hi I'm Kate, I'm from Boston and I am applying to schools mostly in the Boston area. I am applying to Emerson College, Boston University, Northeastern University, MGH, University of New Hampshire, Bridgewater State, Worcester State, and the University of Central Florida. My biggest concern about applications currently is writing my personal statement and making it stand out.
  12. Hi! I am retaking the GRE because I got a low AWA score and I hope to bring it up. I got good scores on Verbal and Quant so I am not focusing on those sections. I am worried that I may go down in those sections because I haven't been looking at them. Will most SLP grad schools take into account my highest scores on Verbal and Quant? Or will it hurt me if my scores drop when I retake it? Thank you!
  13. kate9696

    AWA GRE Score

    Yes I agree. It’s definitely not indicative of my writing ability. Thank you so much for the input!
  14. kate9696

    AWA GRE Score

    Thank you so much for the input I appreciate it!
  15. kate9696

    AWA GRE Score

    Hello! I recently took the GRE and I got a 157 in Verbal and a 151 in Quant. My AWA score was pretty low with a 3.5. I also have a 4.0 undergrad GPA. I was wondering if it is worth retaking the GRE to improve my AWA score. I don't want to retake it, but if it will make or break my acceptances into schools for Speech I will. I just want some opinions. Thank you!

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