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  1. kate9696

    University of New Hampshire Acceptance

    I also know a lot of people got in there from my undergrad and I know of at least 4 that are also declining their offers!!! Hope this helps!
  2. kate9696

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    Nope I have heard nothing!!! My friend also hasnt heard anything either. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing lol!
  3. kate9696

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    I will be declining MGH, BU, Worcester State, UNH, and Northeastern.
  4. kate9696

    University of New Hampshire Acceptance

    Birdgewater! Yay! I am also going to Bridgewater I'm almost positive!
  5. kate9696

    University of New Hampshire Acceptance

    I will be declining Worcester so hopefully that opens a spot for you!!
  6. kate9696

    Cheap(er) vs. Expensive program

    I am planning on going to a cheap state school. I got into some of my dream programs, but they are just too expensive!
  7. kate9696

    University of New Hampshire Acceptance

    I was also accepted, but because of money, I will probably not attend. I went to the open house though and really liked the school!
  8. kate9696

    Northeastern 2019

    I am in the same boat. Funding is a huge factor in deciding where to go. I really hope they send it out soon!
  9. kate9696


    I also haven’t heard anything... it’s weird lol I just want to know.
  10. kate9696


    So have I!!! Hopefully they still have more to send out...
  11. kate9696


    Does your portal say anything? Mine doesn’t...
  12. kate9696


    I heard that people were accepted today to Emerson. I went on my portal and didn’t see anything regarding a decision. Just wondering if people found out about the on campus program. Thank you!
  13. kate9696

    Moving to Boston?

    I know many students lives in and around Boston. Popular places are Brighton, Somerville, Alston, Cambridge and Boston among others. I am from 15 minutes north of Boston. If you are looking for a cheaper place, look at Chelsea, saugus, and other places. They are not as convient as the others I said but they are cheaper! If you have a specific place in mind let me know!
  14. kate9696

    Accepted in MGH, SLP Fall 2019

    I also got in, but the program is so expensive and I didn’t get a scholarship so I’m not sure I can go sadly
  15. kate9696

    Moving to Boston?

    Ive lived in Boston all my life and know the city very well! If you have any questions let me know!

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