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  1. I'm committed to Georgetown SFS' M.A. Asian Studies (Politics and Security) program 😁I'll be headed there in 2020 after a Fulbright grant during the 2019-2020 academic year. I'll be applying for fellowships like Rangel and Pickering during my time abroad – I don't expect to get much merit aid from the SFS considering their reputation for being a little stingy. So relieved to be done with this process though! Congrats to all of you for surviving it.
  2. Just committed! Deferring to 2020. Has anyone else here committed?
  3. 100% less. I applied to 10 in total (I know, too much) and it was honestly a result of me having too little confidence in myself. I had 2 reaches, 4 middles, and 4 safeties. In retrospect, I could've easily narrowed that down to 2 reaches, 3 middles, and 2 safeties, but hindsight is 20/20. I suppose there's also a matter of luck that goes into these things. I'm fortunate that I can say, now that the whole process is over, "oh I have too many options and I should've been more selective," but I could have just as easily gotten into only one or two programs and been grateful I applied to a w
  4. Ok, good to know! I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. I also apologize if I came across as overconfident in my original post, I just realized it reads that way and I didn't intend that.
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what did that negotiation look like? I didn't get any money either, but I intend to negotiate for aid (I have a fully-funded offer at Columbia's Asian Studies program to use as leverage).
  6. Thank you @somewhatslightlydazed and @A.T.! I find myself leaning towards SFS for the same reasons you both have stated. I’m definitely confident that I want to be a) an area specialist and b) in the public sector, so it sounds like Georgetown might be the right choice.
  7. After about of a week's worth of deep thought, I'm still deciding between SAIS' MA and Georgetown SFS' Asian Studies program. I'm quite torn – while the MA program at SAIS is their flagship program and would carry a lot of weight in the post-graduate job search, Georgetown's faculty in the field of East Asian affairs is impossible to top, in my opinion. The two programs' curricula are also different in nature: whereas SAIS is heavier on the economics and its offerings on Asia are relatively thin, Georgetown's program is more directly focused on East Asian policy, history, and current affairs.
  8. I think I'll be turning down my admission to the MIA program in favor of SAIS. As someone looking to work in DC, SAIS makes more sense for me both professionally and financially (SIPA having offered no aid). I hope someone on the waitlist can take my place!
  9. I’m in a very similar situation in my decision right now. Deciding between SAIS and a regional studies program in the Georgetown SFS. I’d be happy to PM if you want to talk it over! I think it’d help both of us.
  10. Ah, sometimes the answer is right in front of you. I'm definitely leaning most heavily towards Georgetown, as the funding should be pretty identical between the two. I'm just going to take some time to speak with professors in the field to make sure that this would be the right degree program.
  11. Coming from: Massachusetts Deciding between: Johns Hopkins SAIS Columbia University SIPA Georgetown University Other factors: I'll be deferring my studies to 2020, as I will be pursuing a Fulbright grant during the 2019-2020 academic year. This kind of throws a wrench in some funding offers, but the Fulbright is priceless for a career in international affairs. Plus, maybe I'll get a better offer from whichever program I defer once I have a Fulbright under my belt. How I'm leaning: As I'm looking to work in D.C. (specifically in U.S.-China and U.S.-East Asia policy)
  12. ^ thank you! I agree, “splitting hairs” is the best way to describe the comparison. That’s what makes the final decision so difficult, I suppose!
  13. That’s really interesting, what gives you that impression? I always thought SAIS was very professionally-oriented, or at least as much as Georgetown’s programs were.
  14. Got in with some funding. Deciding between this, SIPA, and the Asian Studies program at Georgetown.
  15. Ok, I officially have all of my results. Deciding between Georgetown MASIA, Johns Hopkins SAIS MA, and Columbia SIPA MIA. Everything about Georgetown feels like the perfect fit, but my only reservation is that SAIS and SIPA offer more “practical” education (i.e. economics, conflict resolution). I say this as someone looking to get into policy analyst roles. On the flipside, MASIA’s curriculum is incredibly flexible, which is a huge plus for me as well.
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