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  1. Leznver

    Georgetown SSP versus George Washington SPS

    All I can say is Georgetown SFS is ranked number 1 in the country. The networking opportunities you will get there will be unparalleled. In DC everyone has heard of both schools but I am from the midwest and no one has heard of GWU out here. I got into their Elliot school and I was so excited to tell people, they all thought I meant Georgetown. So if prestige and name recognition mean anything in your decision process, GU is the way to go.
  2. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    I heard back from Admissions that all decisions will be released via the portal today.
  3. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    MEEE!!! I am still waiting, I emailed them today, hopefully will get a reply. Ill let you know if I find anything out.
  4. Leznver

    Minneapolis, MN

    If you are frugal, yes. Rent will probably cost you $1,200 a month if you want a decent place. The UMN will give you an unlimited metro transit pass for $100 a semester. Don't party too much and you'll be good. Part time job wouldn't hurt.
  5. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    @homesicksub No... ㅠㅠ
  6. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    I haven't heard of anyone receiving funding yet besides the $3,000 summer stipend and applying for FLAS. Not sure about tuition... is it $47,000?
  7. I'd say narrow down your choices to NY, DC, and London.
  8. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    My understanding is that MARSEA is more academic research focused where as MASIA is more practical skills/professional focused. I know SAIS is a very economic focused program, requiring at least 4 Asian economic courses to be taken. What is your country of interest? For example I am interested in Korea but SAIS Korea department lost their funding last year so I opted not to apply to their program. Congrats on getting into MASIA btw!
  9. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    Awesome, well I will keep the fingers crossed for tomorrow (one night left of nightmares I hope). Congratulations again, definitely an acceptance worth celebrating!
  10. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    Robert Lyons by chance?
  11. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    Congrats! Well deserved, you have some tough decisions ahead. I haven't received an e-mail yet, you mentioned it was from a professor? Maybe the China focus went out today...Korea tomorrow? #Wishfulthinking
  12. Georgetown SFS is the oldest and best ranked Foreign Service program in the USA. But Fletcher isn't too shabby either. They are both well respected programs.
  13. Leznver

    EALC / EALAC / EAS 2019

    I'd have to agree. I've done a lot of informational interviewing this application season and the standard response I have received about going outside the USA is that a MA degree from an Asian University just doesn't stand up in the US. Europe is a bit better but you will be lacking a network if you decide to come back to the USA for work. If those factors are not major in your decision making process ie: not intending to come back to the USA, specific program interests or financial reasons etc... then go for it!
  14. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    I agree, MASIA seems to have professors that are actively working on issues across Asia (ie: Su Mi Terry, Victor Cha, Michael Green), giving them that practical professional knowledge. I have also heard schools that have PhD programs tend to set their MA programs on a more academic/research track to prepare students. Wow MARSEA is small, and knowing Columbia there were a lot of applicants. Congrats on getting into their program! Holding our breath at least until Monday. Wishing you the best!
  15. Leznver

    Georgetown MASIA 2019

    I was really hoping to hear from GU today! I saw some of the Public Policy and Arabic Studies MA programs released decisions. Both of which fall under SFS, so I was hopeful. I guess spring break effected MASIA timing? Yes, my focus is the Korean peninsula. I've done a lot of work with North Korean refugees and want to continue to do so with a MA. China was my original focus in undergrad! So many opportunities related to China. I got into GWU Asian Studies Program as well as University of Hawaii Manoa. I didn't end up applying to Columbia MARSEA program but I have heard good things about it. Have you met any Alum from the MARSEA program?

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