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  1. I only got funding from UW (that email from UCSD hit me in the gut too... plus requiring Econ summer class despite being an Econ minor haha). I am visiting next week UCSD so I might bring it up but I already contrived to UW (better area studies, my interests align better with the faculty, and so forth). I know it's disappointing but Chicago is great too! Maybe we can try again as PhD candidates for UCSD?
  2. As a prospective MA student this fall, I am curious if anyone has advice regarding how to approach seeking TA opportunities. Would it be polite to inquire via my POI from that university or assume all positions have been filled? Thank you! 😊
  3. Just found this forum. Kind of curious, but since I've been really excited about the "road trip" when I relocate for grad school, I wanted to know if anyone had recommendations for fun stops between the southeast and northwest US. First time leaving the eastern seaboard to pursue what I love. ❤️
  4. I've been wrestling between whether to take a fully paid year abroad in China (primarily learning history and language) or accepting my offers at University of Washington and UC San Diego. Before I decide, I will (cordially) ask my preferred school if they will either defer admission or allow me to resubmit my application next year. If I go abroad, I could potentially apply for Fulbright Taiwan, Knight Hennessy Scholars (Stanford), and a variety of other programs I did not receive this year. But I would also potentially lose offers from the two schools I have been admitted to (wai
  5. Since all of my PhD applications fell through, I must attend an MA program next year. I have acceptances at UC San Diego (GPS in Japanese Politics) and University of Washington (Jackson School in Japanese Politics). I have only received a scholarship offer from the latter (4.5k, waive out-of-state tutition) and would like advice on how to seek further funding. I am applying for individual scholarships and hope I can afford to realize this opportunity. I have a back-up option (paid year in China), in worst case. Thank you. 😊
  6. Thank you so much! I like your focus so hopefully we can share a coffee (or tea) in San Diego over Mandarin conversation (trying to learn Mandarin, Korean, Tagalog at a conversational level in addition to Japanese). :)
  7. I don't know if this will help much but I believe the February 11 deadline was for financial consideration specifically for those who were denied PhD admission. I hope you receive substantial funding! That is the largest factor for me as well (not quite international but will move from SC to CA if I can secure funding) but we'll find out soon enough. I have heard of fellowships and other opportunities that fully fund students for the first year.
  8. First acceptance but I'm (hoping) to weigh financial packages here and UofWashington Seattle. What track did everyone choose (I selected International Politics with a Japanese language focus).
  9. Going to take a shot even though the first two rejections (Berkeley and Fulbright) came out. UCSD's PhD PoliSci program is my dream school (slightly ahead of Columbia) so hope for the best! Institute Applying: UCSD, Harvard, Columbia, UofWashington Seattle, National Chengchi University, Beijing Language and Culture University Undergraduate Institute- relatively unknown but one of few with a dedicated National Security major program in my state and affordable study abroad opportunities (spent a year in Osaka, Japan for language training). I don't know if it helps but on
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