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  1. Yup, I really don't think any of these degrees are worth going into significant debt for so I will be taking a paycheck to get my MA. Maybe see you in CA in a few months!
  2. Yeah the wording wasn't clear in the award letter but I also reached out and confirmed the full funding offer still stood. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Program Applied To: MPP and IR Schools Applied To: UCLA Luskin (MPP), USC Price (MPP), Duke Sanford (MPP), WWS (MPA), Tufts (MAID), Georgetown (MA Asian), GWU (MIA), UCSD GPS (MIA) Schools Admitted To: UCLA Luskin (?), USC Price (1/2 tuition), Duke Sanford (32k/year + TA), Tufts (16k/year), Georgetown (None), GWU (6k/year), UCSD GPS (Full ride + stipend) Schools Rejected From: WWS (MPA), Still Waiting: None Undergraduate institution: Midwest private school Undergraduate GPA: 3.7 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 3.8 Undergraduate Major: Political Science, minor in Hi
  4. Question for those that also received full funding from UCSD, did your financial award letter reflect this? I received an email a few weeks ago notifying me of full funding + stipend but on the letter I received yesterday it only states that I have been given California tuition fees. Does money to cover the rest of it come from another source? Did they make a mistake in either of the emails? Curious to hear from others @Ajb415 @hammyc @TheSAfiltercoffee
  5. Coming from: Finishing up 2 years of Peace Corps Service, joined immediately after obtaining my bachelors. Deciding Between:  Narrowed down to - Duke Sanford- MPP: $32,000 off tuition for both years, plus $4,000 TAship. Tuition and fees would be about $36,000 for the two years plus living expenses. - UCSD GPS - MIA: Full tuition, including fees, plus $1300 stipend per month during the academic year. Stipend wouldnt fully cover living expenses but help tremendously and could be covered easily with savings. Other factors: UCSD: My sister lives SoCal and it wo
  6. I'm in with 32k/year + a TA. Did not expect this much funding which makes this decision process even harder!
  7. 32k plus TA here too! Amped.
  8. International Environmental Policy and Chinese here. Good luck with UofWash!
  9. Don't worry, it's an email from a faculty member you listed you would be interested in working with on your application. I had a few Peace Corps friends receive an email earlier this week but I didn't get mine until today. Here's hoping that the professor who is supposed to reach out to you is just a little behind!
  10. I was an early decision admit but am still waiting to hear back about financial information. Definitely near the top of my list though, maybe see you in the fall!
  11. I got an email last night while I was asleep (in Asia) and I'm in. A huge weight off my shoulders as Fletcher is one of my top choices. For those interested my stats were 3.7GPA, 159V, 153Q, 4.5AWA, a PCV with intermediate Mandarin, and 2 State Dept internships. Now gotta wait for scholarship $ in the coming months but it's great to get that first acceptance!
  12. Hey irinprogress, I appreciate your detailed response. I'm sure you know how nerve-wracking this process can be! I'm currently in the process of refining my applications but your words are reassuring. Thanks!
  13. Hello, I am looking at a few schools that have an average GRE Q score of 158 while I scored a literal average (50%) of 153. Would that likely be a rejection? I'm currently a Peace Corps volunteer who has had two internships with the State Department, one with the EU, and a strong research interest. My verbal score (159) and GPA (3.7) are a little higher than their averages. I really dread shifting focus from my PC work to restudy for the GRE, do you think a retake is necessary? I am applying for a Masters of Public Policy. Thanks, I appreciate it!
  14. Anyone able to give some advice here? I am looking at retaking the GRE in early November to boost my quant but am not 100% on that (expensive on a PC budget and less free time in the coming months.) Thanks for taking a look.
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