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  1. hbgurley

    2019 Results

    Program Applied To: (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.) MPA and MPP Schools Applied To: University of Georgia SPIA, University of Texas LBJ, University of Chicago Harris, Carnegie Mellon Heinz, American University SPA, George Washington Trachtenberg, Georgetown University McCourt Schools Admitted To: UGA-SPIA (full tuition + stipend), UT-LBJ (2k), UChicago Harris (30k), CMU Heinz (50k), AU SPA (30k), GWU Trachtenberg (40k), Georgetown McCourt (20k) Schools Rejected From: none Still Waiting: Undergraduate institution: University of Mississippi Undergraduate GPA: 4.0 Last 60 hours of Undergraduate GPA (if applicable): 4.0 Undergraduate Major: Accountancy GRE Quantitative Score: 160 GRE Verbal Score: 160 GRE AW Score: 4.0 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 0 Years of Work Experience: 2 years cumulative throughout undergrad Describe Relevant Work Experience: Deloitte Tax Policy Group, Director of Constituent Services for State Senator, Executive Assistant to Executive Director of an Economic Development Office and Chamber of Commerce, Intern at local nonprofit focused on awarding grants to local service organizations Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc): Strong, Partner at Deloitte Tax Policy Group who is well respected in the policy sphere wrote one, Dean of School of Accountancy who taught me the flagship accounting classes, and the director of the local nonprofit who oversaw me in the professional setting and is also a professor in our public policy department who taught me in the classroom. Other: Apply to the schools in which you do not think you will get accepted.I applied to so many because I was scared that I would not get in to a single school, and that was a mistake. I did not have success at renegotiating scholarships at Harris and McCourt, and I did not try at LBJ, Heinz, SPA, or Trachtenberg. At the point when I could have applied for additional funding from those schools, I already knew that I was not going to attend the majority of them. Final Decision: I will be attending the University of Georgia for the next two years. They gave me the best financial package, have the highest overall ranking (5th), and have the highest public budgeting and finance program (3rd), so I think it will best serve my interests and professional goals. Good luck to everyone!
  2. hbgurley

    Would you apply to more of less schools?

    I applied to 7 schools and had no idea that the acceptance rate is much higher than for undergrad studies at those same schools. I applied to too many schools that sounded good on paper but weren't located in a city or geographic are in which I would want to live. So, I would encourage you to apply to schools that you don't think you would get in (Harvard or Princeton for lots of applicants) if you would actually attend the schools once accepted, and then apply to schools that will give you a distinct advantage, whether that school offers a specialization in a particular field of public administration/policy, allows you attend because of generous financial aid, or is located in a place that you want to end up after school. Don't go through the headache of applying to schools just to have safeties if you wouldn't actually attend anyway; it isn't worth the time or money. Chances are you will get into more schools than you think you will, by default. That seems to be the consensus around here.
  3. Is anyone considering UGA's School of Public and International Affairs? They have climbed in the rankings to 5th behind Indiana, Syracuse, Harvard, and USC (USNews). The Admitted Student Day is this weekend, and I think I will be attending.
  4. hbgurley

    2019 Results

    Where if your best financial offer?
  5. hbgurley

    Georgetown McCourt 2019

    For students who applied by the priority deadline, which was January 15th, yes decisions have gone out.
  6. hbgurley

    Georgetown McCourt 2019

    Thank you! I received $10,000/year, and I just happened to check the portal on January 15th, but I emailed someone from the admissions team a few weeks ago and asked about scholarship reconsideration. They told me that they could negotiate if I have competing offers, so I am going to send them my more generous offers once I hear back from the last school. Also, it is important to note that I applied by the priority deadline.
  7. hbgurley

    UChicago Harris 2019

    Has anyone received a negotiated financial aid offer after sending in the scholarship reconsideration form?
  8. hbgurley

    Georgetown McCourt 2019

    My offer letter for the MPP said the same thing, but I checked on the website, and it said that offers are renewable for the second year, assuming satisfactory performance the first year.
  9. hbgurley

    GWU Trachtenberg 19

  10. hbgurley

    GWU Trachtenberg 19

    Decisions came out this afternoon! I was accepted, and they said they would release scholarship info in a later email. How did everyone else do?
  11. hbgurley

    CMU Heinz - 2019

    Congratulations @woolscarves I was also accepted, but with a 50% tuition waiver!
  12. hbgurley

    2019 Results

    I was accepted, but I haven't heard anything regarding funding!
  13. hbgurley

    2019 Results

    LBJ notifications came out this afternoon, but I am not sure about funding info. @SciGuy720 @kjasmin310
  14. hbgurley

    LBJ MPA/MGPS Fall 2019

    Admission decisions went out today! How did everyone do? Has anyone heard about scholarship/fellowship information?
  15. hbgurley

    Georgetown McCourt 2019

    All of those things are on the portal!

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