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  1. And with that, my season is over. Thank god. 10 rejections, outted from all of my "dream" programs but one (Thank god x2). Its was crazy and nonsensical , and I'm grateful as hell. Time to decompress and breathe again.
  2. Anyone know when to expect UPenn rejections/waitlist notifications? I have some time-sensitive things to decide which are just waiting on Penn's confirmation.
  3. I feel this!! No other school would complicate the hell out of my decision but Penn 😫
  4. I am dying to hear from UPenn (as are many people, it seems) 🙃
  5. Thanks for the response! It doesn't sound too bad though, especially for an English PhD program, which obviously would be rigorous regardless of whether its quarter or semester system. Hopefully the adjustment period isn't too rough!
  6. Does anyone have any insight as to what it may be like transitioning from a semester system in undergrad to a quarter system for grad?
  7. was notified that I'm on a very short waitlist at UCLA—my senior thesis research was inspired by my POI at UCLA, so that would be amazing!
  8. This is totally unsolicited advice (and yet I can't help myself)—I think that you getting into Chicago is an incredible accomplishment in its own right, regardless of who else got in or didn't get in, regardless of whatever anyone else's credentials were—the point being, they accepted you, and so, you clearly do deserve to be there. If turning down Chicago is a "blow" for you... don't turn it down. Go to Chicago. I've always felt that if you're making the right decision for yourself, you will not feel like you're giving up or sacrificing something of yourself. This decision is so big already..
  9. Northwestern and Duke said no... but Chicago said yes! It really is a crapshoot—that being said, it really does come down to luck, rather than qualification, after a certain point.
  10. Has anyone contacted the UT Austin English graduate coordinator about the notification date yet? (It seems like my portal has changed from something like "under review" to "Forwarded to graduate committee for review," with instructions to follow up with the coordinator about decision date questions.)
  11. Of course, good luck to you as well! And by “their language,” I actually meant “based on the interviewer’s tone”/ the specific things they were saying to me. They were so optimistic and excited, it felt less like a formal interview and more like a conversation, which is why I guessed they might be interviewing on a case-by-case basis. On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t assume that only a formal interview = standardized interview policy.
  12. I was one of the people that got an interview and it seemed quite specific to my subfield. The interview was conducted by who I'd be working with, and based on their language, it seemed like the interview was something they went out of their way to do out of interest (whereas in an interview I had with another program, they explicitly told me they had a few more interviews to get through before deciding, meaning interviews were standard). I might be wrong, though!
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